2019 Australian Grand Prix Odds, Predictions & Picks

2019 Australian Grand Prix Odds, Predictions & Picks

Written by on March 15, 2019

The 2019 Formula 1 Season starts on Sunday with the Australian Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are favored to resume their rivalry, but a 21-year-old driver for Ferrari could step forward as the next big thing this season, making the Australian Grand Prix a must watch event. Check out our analysis, F1 odds, and a few thoughts on the race!

2019 Australian Grand Prix Odds, Predictions & Picks

  • Sebastian Vettel +175
  • Lewis Hamilton +225   
  • Charles Leclerc +250
  • Max Verstappen +800   
  • Valterri Bottas +1100
  • Pierre Gasly +4000
  • Niko Hulkenberg +20000
  • Daniel Ricciardo +25000
  • Romain Grosjean +25000
  • Kevin Magnussen +30000
  • Kimi Raikkonen +40000
  • Carlos Sainz +50000
  • Lance Stroll +100000
  • Lando Norris +100000
  • Danil Kvyat +100000
  • Alexander Albon +100000
  • Sergio Perez +100000
  • Antonio Giovinazzi +100000
  • George Russell +200000
  • Robert Kubica +200000

Will Vettel, Hamilton, or Leclerc dominate the 2019 Australian Grand Prix?

Sebastian Vettel made enough mistakes in the 2018 Formula 1 World Championships for Ferrari to promote young driving sensation Charles Leclerc to the first team. The buzz about Leclerc has been so significant that he’s third choice to win the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday.

For Leclerc to get off to a great start on Ferrari’s first team, he must beat not only teammate Sebastian Vettel, but also defending Formula 1 champ Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton lost this race by over 5 seconds to Vettel, though. That’s an eternity in Formula 1. If we don’t back Hamilton, we’re left looking to go with Vettel or Leclerc.

Of the two, Leclerc’s the driver to back. Ferrari’s making a huge investment that he takes over Vettel’s spot. That means putting their best resources towards making Leclerc a success right away. The oddsmakers and F1 handicappers know this which is why his odds aren’t that far off Vettel’s. Backing Leclerc at +250 is the way to go.

Which of the +30000 or less choices can win the 2019 Australian Grand Prix?

Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo offers +25000 odds and finished fourth at the 2018 Australian Grand Prix. A couple of things to note is that Ricciardo had the fastest lap in the race and finished only 7.069 seconds behind Vettel. That’s a lot of second to make up, but Ricciardo’s backers are getting a healthy moneyline if they believe.

He’s got a good shot to finish in the top 4 again. With some luck, Daniel Ricciardo could upset the favorites and actually win the race.

Is there a major underdog with a shot at Aussie Grand Prix glory?

Not really, although Kimi Raikkonen did finish third in the 2018 Australian Grand Prix. Raikkonen switched teams from Ferrari to Alfa Romeo Racing-Ferrari. Alfa Romeo Racing is Ferrari’s “B” Team. Raikkonen made the switch to make way for Leclerc. It’s hard to see Ferrari putting too much emphasis on Raikkonen winning when they’ve invested so much into Leclerc.

Still, if you absolutely want to back a longshot, Kimi Raikkonen’s the longshot to back. He’s still one of the top drivers in Formula 1 and he knows how to grab success at the Australian Grand Prix. Ricciardo’s the best major underdog play to win on Sunday.