2019 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Odds, Preview, and Predictions

2019 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Odds, Preview, and Predictions

Written by on April 26, 2019

Drivers head to Azerbaijan on Sunday, April 28, for the third annual Azerbaijan Grand Prix. So far, Lewis Hamilton has won 2 of the first 3 Formula 1 races. Will Hamilton take it again? Will Sebastian Vettel or Charles Leclerq win their first races of the season? Check out Formula One betting odds and analysis for the 2019 F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix!

2019 F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Preview

  • When: Sunday, April. 28 at 8:10am ET
  • Where: Baku City Circuit, Azerbaijan
  • TV: ESPN 2

2019 F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Odds

  • Lewis Hamilton +190
  • Sebastian Vettel +200
  • Valtteri Bottas +330
  • Charles Leclerq +330
  • Max Verstappen +2000
  • Pierre Gasly +10000
  • Daniel Ricciardo +50000
  • Niko Hulkenberg +50000
  • Kevin Magnussen +100000
  • Kimi Raikkonen +100000
  • Romain Grosjean +100000
  • Carlos Saenz +150000
  • Danil Kyvat +150000
  • Sergio Perez +150000
  • Lando Norris +200000
  • Alexander Albon +200000
  • Lance Stroll +200000

Which of the favorites: Hamilton, Vettel, Bottas, or Leclerq, has the best shot of winning the Azerbaijan Grand Prix?

Hamilton looks like an easy pick, but eventually one of the two Ferrari drivers, Vettel or Leclerq, should take a checkered flag. Bottas could be one to back as well. He took the Australian GP, finished second at Bahrain, and then finished second at the Chinese Grand Prix.

Because Hamilton finished second in Australia, that means that so far Mercedes has dominated by winning and finishing second in all three Formula 1 races. With that fact being written, it’s hard to see either Vettel or Leclerq not grabbing the checkered flag in Azerbaijan.

Vettel finished ahead of Leclerq at last year’s race, but that was when Leclerq drove for Sauber-Ferrari. He drives for Ferrari on the A-Team this year. Leclerq offers great odds to win on April 28 and is the driver to back ahead of teammate Sebastian Vettel.

Which of the +50000 or less choices can win the Azerbaijan Grand Prix?

Max Verstappen has driven well. He finished third at the Australian Grand Prix, fourth at the Bahrain GP, and fourth at the Chinese Grand Prix. Not only that, but his +2000 odds are much higher than what Leclerq, Vettel, Hamilton, and Bottas offer.

Verstappen had to retire after a collision in last year’s race. In 2017, he finished fifth behind Vettel, Raikkonen, Bottas, and Hamilton. There’s enough there for us to consider backing Verstappen at the odds.

Is there a major underdog with a shot at Azerbaijan Grand Prix glory?

Kimi Raikkonen now drives for Alfa-Romeo instead of Ferrari, but he’s still handling his vehicle so well that he’s secured a Top 10 finish in each one of the three Formula 1 races this season. Raikkonen finished eighth at Australia, seventh at Bahrain, and ninth at China.

Raikkonen most definitely deserves a look. This is especially true because he finished second at the 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. He might not be the driver to back, though, if you’re looking for a long shot.

Although Daniel Ricciardo’s odds are half of what Kimi Raikkonen’s are, Ricciardo won the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. He crashed out of last year’s race, which means he didn’t really get a chance to defend his title.

It’s true that Ricciardo didn’t race well at the Australian GP and the Bahrain GP, but he finished seventh on the Shanghai International Circuit. That means his form could be coming around. Daniel Ricciardo could surprise.