2019 Hungarian Grand Prix Odds, Predictions & Picks

2019 Hungarian Grand Prix Odds, Predictions & Picks

Written by on August 1, 2019

p class=””>Lewis Hamilton looks to bounce back with a checkered flag winning drive on Sunday, August 4 at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Will Hamilton get back on the winning track? Or, will Max Verstappen cut into Hamilton’s F1 Championship lead? Check out the 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix odds and analysis!

2019 Hungarian Grand Prix Odds, Predictions & Picks

  • When: Sunday, August 4 at 9:10am ET
  • Where: Hungaroring, Mogyorod, Hungary
  • TV: ESPN 2
  • Live Stream: Formula1.com

2019 Hungarian Grand Prix Odds

  • Lewis Hamilton -110
  • Max Verstappen +225
  • Valtteri Bottas +550
  • Sebastian Vettel +800
  • Charles Leclerq +900
  • Pierre Gasly +4000

Which driver has the better chance of taking the Hungarian GP checkered flag? Hamilton or Verstappen?

p class=””>Hamilton has won 7-of-11 Formula 1 races this year. He most definitely can get back on the winning track, but the hot driver right now is Max Verstappen.

p class=””>Verstappen has won 2 of the last 3 races. He took the Austrian Open. Then, he took the Mercedes-Benz German GP. At the Rolex British GP, he finished fifth. Not great, but not horrible either. So, even though Verstappen had a power failure at the 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix, he deserves backing over Hamilton to win on Sunday.

Does Valtteri Bottas offer fair odds to win the 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix?

p class=””>Both Hamilton and Bottas had issues in Germany in the last race. Hamilton finished ninth. Bottas had to retire. Last year, Bottas finished fifth in Hungary. At the British GP, Bottas finished second behind Hamilton. Like Lewis, Valtteri should have a bounce back run on Sunday.

p class=””>That doesn’t mean Valtteri Bottas takes the checkered flag. However, if the question is if he offers fair odds, the answer is yes, he does.

Which Ferrari driver, Vettel or Leclerq, has the better shot at 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix glory?

p class=””>Sebastian Vettel has the slightly better shot of winning the Hungarian Grand Prix over teammate Charles Leclerc. Leclerc finished third at the Rolex British GP, but Vettel finished second at the German GP.

p class=””>Vettel also finished second at the Hungarian Grand Prix. He won in Hungary in 2017. Sebastian Vettel could take the checkered flag on August 4 at really good odds.

What two 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix race matchups should F1 handicappers consider playing?

p class=””>Formula 1 handicappers looking to play a couple of race matchups should most definitely consider the following:

  • Charles Leclerq +100 vs. Sebastian Vettel -120
  • Lewis Hamilton -350 vs. Valtteri Bottas +275
p class=””>Let’s start with Hamilton-Bottas. The two Mercedes drivers have had on track battles pretty much since Australia when Bottas beat Hamilton. Since then, Hamilton has had the upper hand. However, Bottas could finish ahead of Hamilton if Lewis’ ninth place finish at the German Grand Prix is a sign things have truly gone south. Think about backing Bottas in this matchup.

p class=””>Vettel offers favorites odds over Leclerc. He should! Leclerc has driven well this season, his first for Ferrari instead of Sauber-Ferrari. Vettel finished second behind Verstappen at the German Grand Prix, though. Sebastian might be knocking on the door to a win. It could happen on Sunday at the Hungarian Grand Prix. So, he’s the pick in the head-to-head matchup with Leclerc.