Early 2018 Formula 1 Betting Predictions

Early Formula 1 Betting Predictions for 2018

Written by on February 9, 2018

As far as global sports spectacles go, it’s tough to beat the appeal of Formula 1. It’s a glamorous, high-paced sport that delivers thrills on a weekly basis, whilst also making stops in some of the most exotic locales in the world. As big as the organization has been over the years, there has been something of a disconnect between the sport and the fans, including the Formula 1 betting enthusiasts, but that is something that is expected to change in 2018 now that Liberty Media has taken over ownership from Ecclestone.This may mean that Formula 1 now gets more exposure in the US since the new owners are a US-based company. It may also mean that a whole new breed of motor racing bettors comes to play, so let’s look at the latest F1 betting odds and what we can expect from the new season when it begins in March with the Australian Grand Prix.

Early 2018 Formula 1 Betting Predictions

2018 Formula 1 Season Information

  • Begins: March 25th
  • Ends: November 25th
  • Grands Prix: 21
  • Teams: 10

2018 Formula 1 Betting Analysis

Who Will be the First to 5?

Lewis Hamilton (+100) won his 4th driver’s championship in 2017, matching the number recorded by his biggest rival in Formula 1, Sebastian Vettel (+300). Barring some sort of major disaster, it will likely be these two drivers going head to head for the crown once again.Hamilton is in as the early favorite, which is no real surprise given that he seems to be getting better with each passing year. He was able to complete every single race last season, which certainly helps with the overall points total, so he seems to be a safe bet. Hamilton has his eye on title number 5, but at just 32 years of age, he is also looking at the record of 7, currently held by the great Michael Schumacher.Vettel would appear to be the only one really standing in the way right now. My money is on Hamilton to win again this season.

The Dark Horse F1 Pick for 2018

Hamilton and Vettel have pulled away from the pack in recent years, leading many to believe that the driver’s title will once again be a two-horse race. Is there any other driver who could possibly upset the apple cart over the course of the 21 races held during the Formula 1 season? Max Verstappen (+330) is a just behind the top two on the bookie’s board, but I think the real dark horse may lie down the board at an even better price.Kimi Raikkonen (+2500) drives for the same team as Sebastian Vettel and is coming off a solid 2017, where he finished 4th in the standings. Raikkonen won the title back in 2017 and is considered by many to be the fastest driver in the sport. If I were looking for a longshot to take down the dynamic duo, it might just be the speedy Finn.

Who Wins the First Race of the Season?

As mentioned earlier, the Formula 1 season kicks off on Sunday, March 25 in Melbourne, Australia. Winning the opening race of the season is no guarantee of future success, but it certainly helps to build confidence and an early lead in the points standings.Kimi Räikkönen should be your Formula 1 Betting Pick to win the first race of the 2018 season.Lewis Hamilton has only won this race twice in the past 10 years, as has his rival Sebastian Vettel, who won it in 2017. This might suggest that a bit of a surprise may be in the offing on opening day and since Nico Rosberg has won it twice in the last 4 years, but he has now retired, so who will it be taking the checkered flag this year.Let’s go with Raikkonen as the first Formula 1 Betting pick of the season. He won here back in 2013 and 2007.

Latest Formula 1 Champions


  • 2017: Lewis Hamilton
  • 2016: Nico Rosberg
  • 2015: Lewis Hamilton
  • 2014: Lewis Hamilton
  • 2013: Sebastian Vettel
  • 2012: Sebastian Vettel
  • 2011: Sebastian Vettel
  • 2010: Sebastian Vettel
  • 2009: Jenson Button
  • 2008: Lewis Hamilton


  • 2017: Mercedes
  • 2016: Mercedes
  • 2015: Mercedes
  • 2014: Mercedes
  • 2013: Red Bull
  • 2012: Red Bull
  • 2011: Red Bull
  • 2010: Red Bull
  • 2009: Red Bull
  • 2008: Ferrari