Boxing Betting News Update: Tyson Fury Chalk Favorite

Boxing Betting News Update: Tyson Fury Chalk Favorite

On Oct. 9, two of the best three heavyweight boxers on the planet step into the ring for the third time. Deontay Wilder takes on Tyson Fury in the  rubber match. The first fight ended in a draw. The second fight ended with a Fury knockout victory. What will happen in the third fight? Check out rumors as well as an update on the match so you can keep planning your bets against the Boxing Lines

Boxing Fury vs Wilder 3 Updates and Rumors

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3

Deontay brands the Gypsy King the biggest cheat in boxing

A recent story reads that Deontay Wilder declared Tyson Fury the biggest cheat in boxing. Video from a 2015 Fury bout against Christian Hammer shows the referee delayed the start of the bout because someone had cut the strap that attaches the thumb to the glove. 

The belief is that Fury’s team had taken away the strap and removed padding. If Fury’s corner had done such a thing, it was going to hurt Fury more than Hammer. 

Padding in a glove protects a boxer’s hands. They don’t help lessen blows to an opponent. 

That’s why a fighter like Nayoa Inoue can break a rival’s ribs with a single blow even though he wears gloves with padding. Punch placement, punch speed, and how the boxer throws the punch, torque from the waist and tightening the legs and glutes, determines power. 

A boxer that can’t punch won’t hurt an opponent with their bare fists. So let’s not go crazy about a missing thumb strap. 

Wilder’s gameplan involves plenty shots to Tyson’s body

Wilder assistant trainer Don House said the plan on Oct. 9 is for Wilder to pound Fury’s belly. House declared the strategy the belly gameplan.

We wrote about this in last week’s boxing update. It’s worth again mentioning. 

The strategy could backfire big time. Wilder should use his long reach to go to the belly and the head. Fury is a heavyweight that has footwork like a welterweight.

Asking Deontay to do something he’s never really done before, like become a body puncher, could play into Tyson’s hands. Fury will use movement to counter punch Deontay and Tyson could counter punch at will. 

If House does tell Wilder to employ the belly gameplan, Tyson should have an easy lane to throw punches at Deontay’s head. It takes few small movements to get away from a straight ahead body puncher.

Also, let’s not kid ourselves. No way Deontay’s camp turned him into a heavyweight version of Julio Cesar Chavez.

Fury goes from a -190 favorite to a -270 chalk

When they first announced the bout, Tyson landed on MyBookie a -190 chalk. The closer we get to fight night, the more money seems to land on Fury.

The problem most boxing handicappers have is strategy wise, there’s not much Deontay can do. He’s always been a head hunting fighter. His power has saved the day more than once.

But in two fights, Fury has shown he can use head movement, body movement, and his feet to temper Deontay’s power shots. 

Will Wilder backers start laying money on their man? Or will Tyson become an even bigger favorite as we approach the bout?

Stay tuned. 


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