4 Betting Rules for First Weeks of 2019 College Football Season

4 Betting Rules for First Weeks of 2019 College Football Season

Written by on June 20, 2019

Navigating the college football season as a gridiron handicapper can be more difficult than navigating the NFL because of the unknowns. More unknowns exist in the early part than in the later part of the season. Check out 4 rules to keep in mind that will help you make money in the first few college football weeks. And don’t forget to take a look at the latest College Football lines before the season kicks off!

4 Betting Rules for First Weeks of 2019 College Football Season

#1 Don’t look past the obvious

If it’s obvious, don’t confuse yourself and come up with a reason for why it’s not obvious. Florida should dominate Miami-FL on August. 24, Oklahoma should destroy Houston on September 1, and Notre Dame should demolish Louisville on September 2.

That’s only Week 1. If you feel real good about something, like Michigan to cover a huge spread against Army in Week 2, lay the points.

#2 Back dogs on the moneyline

Although no college football bettor should go against what’s obvious, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look to back dogs on the moneyline. Oddsmakers don’t have a good bead on underdogs in the first few weeks of the college football season.

It’s a great time to back quality underdogs on the moneyline. For example, Boise State is a +4 dog against Florida State. Boise State should be favored, which means they’ll be an overlay on the moneyline.

Week 2 has Cincinnati taking on Ohio State. The Bearcats will be a huge underdog against a Buckeyes team that might not be as good this season as so many project they will be. Possible underdog moneyline opportunities like Cincinnati-Ohio State can make a college football betting season.

#3 Back offense focused teams ATS over defense focused ATS teams

Too many things happen during the offseason in a college football program for teams to scout their first few weeks opponents. Because defensive coordinators have no real clue what their opponents will do, offensive focused squads tend to play above their spread lines.

Look to back teams with excellent offenses. Also look for teams that used to be defense focused squads that may have pivoted to offense focused squads. Michigan hired Josh Gattis as offensive coordinator. Gattis wants to get rid of the huddle. Think Michigan will score more points this season?

Later on, defense focused squads play above their spread lines. For now, look to back scoring machines.

#4 Go against Alabama and Clemson to cover massive spreads

Alabama and Clemson are the two best teams in college football. Because of that, they often show up as underlays against the spread. For example, Alabama is a -33 ½ favorite over the Duke Blue Devils in Week 1.

Duke is a solid ACC squad. We don’t know how well Bama’s defense will perform because of mass changes. Same goes for Clemson against Texas A&M in Week 2. Both the Tigers and Crimson Tide should go undefeated, but they’ll be over played big time in the first month of the 2019 College Football Season.

Take advantage of massive underlay spreads on both Clemson and Alabama.