NCAA Football Bowl Predictions & Betting Update Orange, Citrus, Rose, Sugar Picks

NCAA Football Bowl Predictions & Betting Update: Orange, Citrus, Rose, Sugar Picks

There are now just 2 weeks remaining in the college football regular season. After that, we will get the Conference Championship Games, which will lead us nicely into bowl season. There are a ton of bowl games every single year, with some certainly more glamorous than others, and while they may not all be great, bowl season represents a real opportunity to boost our bankrolls before the National Championship Game. It is possible to start making predictions on the big bowl games now, but it is worth noting that things will change in the final couple of weeks of the season, as the top 4 now will certainly not be the same. We are going to pick out 4 of the biggest bowl games and make College Football Bowl Betting predictions on who will land where, so let’s jump right in.

Bowl Season Predictions (Orange, Citrus, Rose, Sugar) | College Football Betting Analysis

Orange Bowl – December 30

The Orange Bowl pits an ACC team against one of either of the SEC/Big Ten/Notre Dame. Given the year that the Irish have had, I believe we can rule them out of this one. The most obvious choice from the ACC for this one is the North Carolina Tar Heels, who are currently sitting at 9-1 on the season, as well as being 6-0 in conference play. As it stands now, their most likely opponent here would be the Alabama Crimson Tide, who are a disappointing 8-2 on the season, and perhaps a little lucky to be there. 

Citrus Bowl – January 2

The Citrus Bowl pits an SEC team against a team from the Big Ten. If we start by looking at the SEC, the obvious pick would be the Ole Miss Rebels, who came close to winning the West Division this season. Over in the Big Ten, either Michigan or Ohio State will be in the playoffs, with the loser of their upcoming meeting dropping into a bigger bowl than this one. That, in my opinion, leaves the door open for the Penn State Nittany Lions to face off against the Rebels.

Rose Bowl – January 2

In this bowl, we have the Big Ten going against the PAC-12, and again I think we have a rather clear matchup here. The team that loses the Ohio State/Michigan game is almost certainly going to drop into the Rose Bowl. I have the Buckeyes winning that one, so let’s put the Michigan Wolverines in here. Who do they face? The Oregon Ducks saw their playoff come to an end last weekend, but I think this would be a nice reward for what has been a very decent season.

Sugar Bowl – December 31

Our final prediction is the Sugar Bowl, which pits the SEC against the Big 12, and again I think we have what looks to be a rather clear matchup. The LSU Tigers are heading to the SEC Conference Championship Game, but I think they are onto a beating at the hands of the Georgia Bulldogs. That will drop them out of playoff contention and into the Sugar Bowl, where they could possibly face the Kansas State Wildcats. This is another one that would be an intriguing matchup, but like we said earlier, all these predictions could change dramatically over the next 3 weeks.


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