NCAA Football Bowl Betting Predictions Update: Orange, Citrus, Rose, Sugar Projections

We are now just a few days away from finding out which teams will be crowned as conference champions. Once we know that, everything will fall into place in terms of the playoffs and the bowl game matchups. The latter looks a good deal clearer than it did this time last week, but there is still time for things to change and upsets to happen. If the top 4 teams win this weekend, I don’t see anything changing there, but if just one of them loses, then we are going to be looking at a little bit of chaos and some tough decisions for the College Football Playoff Committee. It will all take care of itself in the end, but for now, let’s make some College Football Bowl Betting projections on the bigger bowl games this season.

Up to Date NCAAF Betting Predictions for the 2022-23 Orange Bowl, Citrus Bowl, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl

Orange Bowl – December 30

The Orange Bowl pits an ACC team against one of either of the SEC/Big Ten/Notre Dame. Given the year that the Irish have had, I believe we can rule them out of this one. In our most recent prediction, we had Clemson and Alabama going head-to-head in this one, but I think that might well change. While I still think Clemson will be in this one, I believe we might now be looking at the Tennessee Volunteers as their potential opponent, with Alabama moving to another bowl game that we will talk about later in this piece.

Citrus Bowl – January 2

The Citrus Bowl pits an SEC team against a team from the Big Ten. After getting blown out by South Carolina a couple of weeks ago, the Tennessee Volunteers saw all hope of a playoff spot go up in smoke. They are, though, still very much deserving of a spot in one of the bigger bowl games, but I’m not sure it’s this one. I think this will go to LSU, who are probably going to lose to Georgia in the SEC Conference Championship Game. As for who they play, Purdue looks to be the most likely, as I think they are also going to be beaten conference finalists. 

Rose Bowl – January 2

In this bowl, we have the Big Ten going against the PAC-12, and again I think we have a rather clear matchup here. We last predicted that the team that loses the Ohio State/Michigan game would almost certainly going to drop into the Rose Bowl. We now know that Ohio State were the losers of that one, so let’s place them in here. From the PAC-12, I think the Washington Huskies look like the team most likely to land in this bowl game. That’s another very decent matchup to enjoy over the holiday season.

Sugar Bowl – December 31

Our final prediction is the Sugar Bowl, which pits the SEC against the Big 12, and again I think we have what looks to be a rather clear matchup. We previously had the LSU Tigers filling the spot for the SEC in this one, but I think it will now be the Alabama Crimson Tide playing in the Sugar Bowl. As for the Big 12 team here, I am sticking with the Kansas State Wildcats, although all of these projections could end up being different based on what happens this weekend, so stay tuned.


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