Coronavirus (COVID-19) NCAAF Update – October 5th Edition

Coronavirus (COVID-19) NCAAF Update – Oct. 5th Edition

Something is wrong at Oklahoma and Texas, the SEC proved they’re the dominant conference again, and the Pac-12 released their 2020 College Football schedule. Check out what happened this past week in the NCAAF Fall Season so you can keep making your bets against their College Football odds

NCAA Football COVID-19 Update – October 5th Edition

2020 NCAAF Fall Season

  • When: Sep. 3 – Dec. 19

2021 College Football National Championship Odds

  • Clemson +250
  • Ohio State +250
  • Alabama +350
  • Georgia +1600
  • Florida +1600
  • Oklahoma +1800
  • Texas A&M +2500
  • Texas +2500
  • Penn State +3000
  • Notre Dame +4000
  • LSU +5000
  • Wisconsin +5000
  • Auburn +6000
  • Michigan +6000
  • Miami +10000
  • Oklahoma State +10000

Oklahoma and Texas lose 

Most every football fan on the planet knows that of the Power 5 Conferences, the Big 12 has the most parity. But there’s parity and then there’s parity. The two pre-season favorites to win the conference, one a favorite to stamp their ticket to the College Football Playoff, both lost on Saturday. 

The Oklahoma Sooners, a CFP stalwart the past few seasons, couldn’t protect a lead versus rival Iowa State. Like Kansas State the week before, Oklahoma appeared on their way to a victory after a 10-3 lead. But by halftime, the score was Sooners 17 and Cyclones 13. Then in the second half, Iowa State dominated, outscoring Oklahoma 24-13.

The Sooners lost against yet another opponent that couldn’t beat their FCS first game adversary. The Saturday before, the Kansas State Wildcats beat Oklahoma 38-35. The Wildcats lost their first game to Arkansas State 35-31. This past Saturday, Iowa State beat the Sooners 37-30. The Cyclones lost to UL-Lafayette 31-14 in their first game of the season.

If it’s any consolation for Sooner fans, rival Texas also lost on Saturday. The Longhorns faced a decent TCU squad. The Frogs beat Texas 33-31. Although the loss was disappointing, TCU almost always puts a scare into Texas. Often, the Horned Frogs come out of the rivalry game with a win.

Oklahoma battles Texas this Saturday in the annual Red River Rivalry. If Oklahoma has any shot of securing a New Year’s Day Bowl, they must beat Texas in the heated game. 

3 in SEC and Clemson remain strongest teams

The top four ranked teams in college football produced convincing Week 5 wins. Clemson beat Virginia 41-23, Alabama blasted Texas A&M 52-24, Florida took down South Carolina 38-24, and Georgia beat Auburn 27-6.

Clemson and the three SEC teams have all made a case to get into the College Football Playoff. If the CFP sticks to four teams, like they have in the past, programs like Ohio State and Oregon could be left from the mix. 

There’s no way the Buckeyes or Ducks play teams the quality of Florida, Bama, or UGA. To be sure, though, Bama, Georgia and Florida could beat each other during the season opening the door for a team like Ohio State. But even then, the Buckeyes play just two ranked teams, Penn State and Michigan.

So, what will mean more? Wins against Texas A&M, LSU, and Tennessee, and a close loss to Georgia, which could happen to Florida this season, or wins over Penn State and Michigan? Tough decisions await the CFP Selection Committee, that’s for sure!

Pac-12 and Big Ten set schedules

The Big Ten starts on Oct. 24. Teams in the conference play 8 games. The top two teams in each division face off in the Big Ten Championship on Dec. 19. The Pac-12 plays a 6-game schedule that starts on Nov. 7. Like the Big Ten, the Pac will also have a championship game on Dec. 19.

The selection committee could extend the College Football Playoff to include 8 teams this season. Although that sounds fair, is it, really? The only reason to do it is so a team like Ohio State makes it.  

But nobody forced the Big Ten to play two less games than the SEC. So it sounds like the CFP would play favorites to make sure that the Buckeyes got into the playoff. 

Have a great week!