94th Academy Awards Best Actor Nominations Betting Predictions

94th Academy Awards Best Actor Nominations Betting Predictions

Academy Award Nominations don’t come out until February. Buzz is already building for all nominations. Last week, we discussed how Belfast looked like a lock to receive a Best Picture nom. This week, we talk about some of the male actor performances that could lead to nominations. Are Denzel Washington and Will Smith guaranteed to grab a nom? How about Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Garfield? Check out nomination predictions for the Academy Award for Best Actor so you can plan your bets against the Academy Award odds

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2022 Academy Awards Oscar Nominations

  • When: Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022

Are Will Smith in King Richard and Denzel Washington in The Tragedy of McBeth locks to get Best Actor nods?

King Richard is one of the most buzzed about movies of the year. Not only is Will Smith a producer, but he’s also the star. If you haven’t heard, King Richard is a movie about Richard Williams, Venus’ and Serena’s father. 

No doubt, Smith grabs a nomination. Denzel should also get a nom. He’s the title character in Joel Cohen’s The Tragedy of McBeth. Wait . . . that Joel Cohen? Yep. The No Country For Old Men, Miller’s Crossing, Raising Arizona Joel Cohen. 

Joel’s spouse, Frances McDormand, plays Lady McBeth. The great Brendan Gleason is also in the cast. The supporting thespians boost Denzel’s chances of grabbing a nomination. 

Assess Benedict Cumberbatch’s chances in The Power of the Dog and Andrew Garfield’s chances in tick, tick,  . . . Boom! to receive actor nominations

Benedict Cumberbatch is a lock. The Academy not only nominates Sherlock every time they get a chance, but they want to give him a statue. That doesn’t mean he wins for playing the main character in The Power of the Dog. It does mean Benedict gets another nomination. Like in most years where they nominate Cumberbatch, he’s up against stiff competition. 

Andrew Garfield received a nomination for playing Mark Zuckerberg’s best friend in The Social Network. He’s due and Oscar voters will want to reward tick, tick . . . Boom! for something. Last week, in our Best Picture nomination predictions, we discussed how tick, tick . . . Boom! might get shut out for a top movie nom. 

A good way to hand out an award of sorts is to nominate Garfield. His chances of winning are much less than Smith’s, Cumberbatch’s, or Washington’s. But Garfield should at least grab a nomination. 

Which actor among Clifton Collins Jr. in Jockey, Peter Dinklage in Cyrano, and Joaquin Phoenix in C’Mon C’Mon have the best chance of grabbing an Oscar nom for Best Actor?

Our hearts, of course, are with Clifton Collins Jr. in Jockey. Horse racing jockeys never get enough credit. It’s one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs in the world. Collins Jr. is fantastic. The film, though, is about a subject that a lot of people detest. It’s also a much smaller film with a relatively unknown actor. 

Joaquin Phoenix is turning into the Meryl Streep of the Best Actor category. If Meryl does a movie, she’s getting a nomination. Most believe Phoenix does a good job in C’Mon C’Mon. Based on the previews and a few clips, Phoenix gives one of his best performances.

But the role isn’t flashy. Joaquin is neither the Man in Black or the Joker. He’s a regular dude, okay, a regular radio personality dude, who ends up taking care of his nephew and goes on a road trip with the kid. 

By all accounts, Peter Dinklage is awesome in Cyrano. That shouldn’t surprise. Dinklage is great in everything. He was great in Game of Thrones. He was also great in a small film called the Station Agent

It’s time Dinklage gets a Best Actor nom. So Peter is the pick among the three.