eSports Betting: CBLOL April 25th Matches Odds & Picks

eSports Betting: CBLOL April 25th Matches Odds & Picks

Written by on April 24, 2020

Before we dive into the games in the Brazilian version of the League of Legends, it’s a good idea to talk about how this particular league plays out. The League of Legends has leagues all over the world, but while they all play the same game, they all have different setups. The CBLOL is home to 8 teams, all of whom play each other 3 times over the course of a 9-week. The top 4 teams head into the playoffs, while the bottom team is relegated. This weekend is the final of the season, with each team having 3 games on tap. We are going to jump ahead to the Saturday games, but keep in mind that the stats mentioned here are as they were prior to the start of the final batch of games. Let’s check the League of Legends Odds for April 25th matches

eSports Betting: CBLOL April 25th Matches Odds & Picks

KABUM E-SPORTS (+154) Vs Flamengo eSports (-227) – 12 PM EST

The reality of the current situation in the CBLOL is that KABUM needs a big weekend if they are to get out of their 6th place tie and into the playoffs. They are at 8-10 right now, which leaves them 1 win back of the top 4. This is definitely a tough one for them, though, as they are up against a Flamengo team that is currently in the #2 spot with an 11-7 record, which leaves them in with an outside shot at the #1 seed. The bad news for KABUM is that they have lost both meetings to Flamengo this season, so they may be in trouble here.

Redemption Porto Alegre (+275) Vs Vivo Keyd (-476) – 1 PM EST

As we mentioned earlier, the CBLOL is a little different in that the bottom team does get relegated at the end of the season. As it stands heading into the weekend, Redemption Porto Alegre are sitting dead last at 5-13, which leaves them 3 wins off the pace. If they haven’t been officially relegated on Friday, chances are the final nail in their coffin will come one Saturday against the league leaders. This should be a comfortable win for Vivo.

Furia Uppercut Esports (+129) Vs INTZ (-188) – 2 PM EST

There are several games over the weekend that has big playoff implications, which is no surprise when you consider how tight things are in the middle of the table. It is Furia, who are at 9-9 heading into the weekend, who have the upper hand here, as they are currently sitting in a playoff position, whereas INTZ are on the outside looking in at 8-10. These two have split their season series, so this really is a bit of a coin flip. I am leaning towards Furia and the slight upset.

paIN Gaming (-175) Vs Prodigy Esports (+121) – 3 PM EST

This game is going to serve as a bit of a massive tiebreaker, as both of these teams are heading into the final weekend of the season tied for 3rd at 9-9. With only 4 teams going into the playoffs and a serious logjam happening in the middle of the division, a loss here could be brutal. paIN are coming into this weekend on a very good run of form, winning 3 in a row, while Prodigy are coming in on the heels of a loss. I am looking at paIN to keep the positive times rolling with a win here.