LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Week 2 Betting Preview: Flyquest vs. Cloud9

LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Week 2 Betting Preview: Flyquest vs. Cloud9

The first weekend of the 2023 Spring LCS playoffs is behind us, and the upper bracket went exactly as expected. Cloud9 dispatched of CLG in four games, with the lone blemish on their record coming from a CLG Jayce mid-game. Flyquest swept 100 Thieves with the help of two fantastic Veigar performances from Vicla.

Cloud9 and Flyquest tied their season series 1-1, before C9 dominated Flyquest in the tiebreakers to secure the top seed.

This means C9 will get their choice of side to open the series, but with both teams tightly matched, specially when we are talking about LoL lines to win in Week 2. Anything can happen in what could end up being a grand finals preview.


LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Week 2 Betting Preview – Flyquest vs. Cloud9

Week 1: March 23-26
Week 2: March 30-31
Finals Weekend: April 8-9


Top Lane

Fudge had an uncharacteristically bad series last week against CLG, perhaps putting a stain on his all-star-level performances. He only managed a KDA of 2.9, far from his normal performances during the regular season.

The impact had been struggling in the second half of the LCS season in the wake of K’Sante nerfs, but he finally got his act together against 100 Thieves last week. He posted a 3.4 KDA in the series, and even managed to pick up a win on K’Sante.



Cloud9’s Blaber fell off last week, compiling the most deaths in the entire series at 14. It was a rare poor performance for Blaber, and Cloud9 placed him on Maokai in all three of their wins. If there is a champion pool problem for Blaber, it could be exposed heavily by Flyquest.

On the flip side, Flyquest’s Spica was phenomenal against 100 Thieves. He posted 31 assists over three games, two more than Blaber, despite playing one less game. His Wukong has slowly become a must-ban, posing more problems for Flyquest’s opponents.


Mid Lane

Emenes played the final three games of last week’s series with a unique quirk. Either he or his opponent played Jayce mid, and strangely, the Jayce mid actually won two of those three games. Perhaps rumors of the champion’s demise have been a bit far-fetched. Emenes also piloted Leblanc to a win once again, continue to offer a huge meta-threat.

Flyquest’s Vicla was nearly as monstrous as Spica last week. In two matches on Veigar, he accrued 17 kills. Though Veigar is due for some champion nerfs, there is little reason to believe Vicla won’t continue this rampage throughout the rest of playoffs.


Bottom Lane

Berserker saved the day for C9 last week. In a tight fourth game, Berserker and Zven combined on Zeri and Renata to shut down CLG’s Xayah-Rakan duo. Berserker and Zven are by far the best bot lane in the playoffs, and if C9 wins, it will be due to them.

Prince shined on Zeri as well last week, posting a 12.3 KDA overall. With Zeri such a strong champion in the meta, Flyquest will need to secure the champion in Draft if Prince and Eyla are to stand a chance.


Final Prediction

LOL Final Prediction: Flyquest +116 / Flyquest 1.5 -188 | Bet LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Today
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