LOL LCS Spring 2023 Week 3 Betting Preview: Evil Geniuses vs. Cloud9

LOL LCS Spring 2023 Week 3 Betting Preview: Evil Geniuses vs. Cloud9

Written by on February 7, 2023

The 11th season of League of Legends’ LCS is well underway, with ten of North America’s finest squads vying for two spots at the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational. Two of the region’s 2022 Worlds Attendees will be facing off on Friday, February 10th, as Evil Geniuses will take on Cloud9.

Each team currently sits at 3-1 in the standings, and the winner of this series will find themselves in a secure spot in their path to Playoffs with the top League of Legends betting odds offered by MyBookie.


LCS Spring 2023 Week 3 Betting Preview – Evil Geniuses vs. Cloud9 MyBookie League of Legends Betting Predictions


Top Lane

The top lane matchup in this series will see EG’s SSumday face off against Cloud9’s Fudge. Fudge has been on fire to start the season, averaging 3.8 turret plates per game while sticking to a focused champion pool of K’Sante and Fiora. The signature “Fudge Factor” will likely be at play in this matchup, as Cloud9 love to play around their Top Laner in fights.



The Jungle can make or break a team, and EG’s Inspired is proof of that. He currently holds a Kill Participation of 78%, thanks in part to his electric Sejuani play in two of their four matches. Inspired also loves to play on the bottom side of the map early on, with EG average 1.5 dragons in the first 15 minutes of the game.

Cloud9’s Blaber, conversely, has struggled a bit to enter games early on. Opposing teams are quick to ban Maokai against Cloud9, leaving Blaber with some weaker options in Wukong and Vi so far. They will need to find another answer if they want to try to match Inspired’s tempo.


Mid Lane

Cloud9 signed Diplex from the EMEA region following the 2022 season to replace Jensen, and early results are promising. He holds a K/D/A of 5.6 thus far, and was even able to hold his own against FlyQuest’s Vicla in Cloud9’s only loss.

EG’s mid laner, jojopyun, has had a quiet start to the season. With EG focusing on late-game champions like Azir and Ryze, jojopyun has only posted a K/D/A of 2.4 in their opening four matches. Despite the lack of a flashy scoreline, jojopyun has held a CS lead in all four matches thus far, so expect a similar dynamic against a roam-heavy champion pool from Diplex.


Bottom Lane

Berserker and Zven are back together following an impressive 2022 season, and things are going just as planned for the duo. Berserker currently has an insane K/D/A of 19.0 on the season, proving to be a menace for opponents.

Evil Geniuses are still missing their star player Danny, but FBI has been solid as a replacement. Both FBI and his support Vulcan are playing a part in over 70% of Evil Geniuses’ kills, thanks to the team’s bot-lane-centric strategies in the early game. With 3 of 4 matches on his signature champions, it will be interesting to see if FBI can adjust to target bans in future series.

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