LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Week 1 Betting Preview: Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming

LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Week 1 Betting Preview: Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Cloud9 were the hottest team going into the final week of the 2023 Spring LCS. They beat Flyquest to start the week, taking a one-game advantage over the former leaders, then dispatched with Immortals.

All that changed when CLG entered the final match day. With CLG needing a win to even make the playoffs, they defeated Cloud9 impressively, forcing a tiebreaker between C9 and Flyquest for 1st place.

Cloud9 ended up winning that tiebreaker, but CLG won their own tiebreakers, setting up this amazing #1 vs. #4 matchup. While Cloud9 should be favorites to secure the series, expect a brawl of a series that could go the distance in this best of 5 format.

So check out our in-depth analysis before you make your LOL betting picks for the first week of LCS Spring Playoffs.


LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Week 1 Betting Preview: Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Week 1: March 23-26
Week 2: March 30-31
Finals Weekend: April 8-9


Top Lane

Fudge is the most impressive top laner in North America, with a 59% kill participation to close out the regular system. His Sion is a must-ban, and his 23% damage share is impressive for a role known for playing alone.

Dhokla has been solid all season for CLG, and he has only improved in the wake of extreme K’Sante nerfs. Previously 0-3 on the champion, Dhokla has shined when allowed to play champions that better fit his playstyle, like Gwen and Sion.



Cloud9’s Blaber continues to be a reliable engine for C9. His 67% kill participation is amazing, and he’s shown some nice champion versatility that allows C9 to get creative in the draft stage.

Contractz is more of a specialist for CLG, with six Sejuani games. He’s won five of those games, but there are still some questions at play. If Contractz has a second champion, it would be Vi, but if he gets target banned, CLG may struggle to get the jungle tempo going.


Mid Lane

Emenes was finally slowed down in the last match of the regular season, failing to pilot Jayce mid-to victory against CLG. Jayce mid has been an awful choice for nearly every team in the LCS, so his struggles are at least somewhat justifiable.

There is one mid laner who has made Jayce work, however. Palafox has won two of three games on the champion this season, giving CLG a huge draft edge. Palafox has fallen flat when not on Jayce or Taliyah, but he is still good for a standout performance every now and then.


Bottom Lane

Berserker is running out of accolades. Pair his KDA of 10.3 with four wins on Zeri on six tries, and it’s no surprise he’s in the running for league MVP. Zven has done an amazing job of making him shine from the support role as well.

CLG have their own dynamic duo in the bot lane, however. Luger and Poome are fantastic together, as Poome has been good for a 71% kill participation rate on the season as a whole. Luger and Poome have even combined for three Kallista games, giving CLG another unique draft option that most teams may find themselves unprepared for.

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