LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Week 3 Betting Preview: Flyquest vs. Golden Guardians

LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Week 3 Betting Preview: Flyquest vs. Golden Guardians

The final round of the lower bracket is upon us for the 2023 Spring LCS, with Flyquest and Golden Guardians facing off in what should be an exciting matchup. Flyquest is falling back into this series after an embarrassing performance against Cloud9, while Golden Guardians are red-hot, coming off a dominant 3-0 series against Evil Geniuses.

The winner of this series will be guaranteed a top-two finish, which secures a spot at this season’s MSI tournament and MyBookie will have the LoL betting lines for the Finals. Golden Guardians are in uncharted territory but are dangerously close to securing the franchise’s first international tournament appearance.


LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Week 3 Betting Preview – Flyquest vs. Golden Guardians

Finals Weekend: April 8-9


Top Lane

Licorice has been a massive part of this new renaissance for Golden Guardians. Licorice has played Gwen three times in playoffs, including a dominant 24-minute victory against EG last week. It is safe to say Licorice is a stronger player than Impact, but it will remain to be seen if the top laner can convert that advantage.

Impact has been struggling in the second half of the LCS season in the wake of K’Sante nerfs, and his troubles continued against Cloud9 last week. He is struggling to maintain a kill participation score over 50% in the playoffs, and his struggles are beginning to bleed into Spica’s play in the jungle.



Golden Guardian’s River was perfect against EG last week, posting a scoreline of 6/0/28. His 76% kill participation is among the best of all playoff competitors, and he looks prolific on both Wukong and Maokai.

Flyquest’s Spica continues to put up good numbers with a 73% kill participation rate but struggled to manage Cloud9 last week. Spica still plays a fantastic Sejuani and Vi, but it remains to be seen if Spica can go toe-to-toe with River.


Mid Lane

If you thought K’Sante was a dead champion, Golden Guardian’s Gori has different plans in mind. The mid-laner has played K’Sante in the mid-lane three times in the playoffs, allowing the team much-needed draft flexibility. The Korean import has looked fantastic since signing from PSG.Talon in the offseason, and he is a real bright spot for the team.

Vicla was playing out of his mind last week against Cloud9, and not in a good way. His game three featured a zero kill, seven death performance on Tristana mid, and the Flyquest mid-laner looks completely lost when not playing Veigar. It won’t help his case that Veigar was also nerfed, and if Flyquest cannot find alternatives in time, Vicla is poised to get run over by Gori.


Bottom Lane

Stixxay and Huhi have been quietly having a strong season for Golden Guardians, but there was nothing quiet about their performance last week. The duo dismantled Evil Geniuses while maintaining kill participation scores of over 70% each.

Vicla was bad in the mid-lane for Flyquest, but Eyla was even worse in the bot lane. The support had fourteen deaths in two games on Rakan, and Prince barely had a chance to have an impact on the game.


LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Final Prediction

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