LCS Spring 2023 Week Seven Betting Preview: Cloud9 vs. Evil Geniuses

LCS Spring 2023 Week Seven Betting Preview: Cloud9 vs. Evil Geniuses

Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses find themselves in the top three of the LCS standings as we enter Week 7, and each team opens the week with the opportunity to secure a playoff spot. Both teams won each of their two games last week, including a blockbuster win for EG against Flyquest.

EG were victorious against Cloud9 last time around, but a lot has changed in the weeks since. With a lot on the line for each team, we should have an exciting match in store, so check out our in-depth analysis to make your LOL betting picks.


LCS Spring 2023 Week Seven Betting Preview – Cloud9 vs. Evil Geniuses


Top Lane

The top lane matchup in this series will see EG’s SSumday face off against Cloud9’s Fudge. Fudge has cooled down from his hot start at the beginning of the season, thanks in parts to repeated nerfs to his signature K’Sante. Still, Fudge has diversified his champion pool with Jax and Sion each good for two wins.

Ssumday is unmatched when it comes to champion versatility, however. He rotated two more champions to his season pool in Garen and Renekton last week, including a very impressive 6/0/4 performance against Flyquest.



Cloud9’s Blaber has been fantastic in recent weeks, clearly not being affected by nerfs to Maokai. Wukong is his latest champion of focus, and he has a 70% kill participation to show for it.

EG’s Inspired picked up another win on Sejuani last week, so you might think Flyquest’s strategy of stealing the champion would stifle him. Instead, he piloted Gragas to a win, proving his versatility as the heart of this EG squad.


Mid Lane

The main change from the last time these two teams met comes in the form of EMENES playing in the mid-lane in place of Diplex. With three wins out of four games so far, EMENES has been amazing, including two games on the recently buffed Leblanc. He will have to boost his kill participation a tad, but it is so far, so good for the Cloud9 mid laner.

EG’s mid laner, jojopyun, is continuing to prove week in and week out why he’s one of the best in the business. Despite nerfs to Azir, he picked the champion and proceeded to crush division leaders Flyquest last week. He wins lane 76% of the time and has achieved first blood in 15% of games, making him an absolute menace for any opposing mid laner to deal with.


Bottom Lane

Berseker is now rocking K/D/A of 14.8 on the season, proving to be a menace for opponents. Berserker and Zven have five games each on Zeri and Lulu, giving Cloud9 a consistent and reliable strategy for victory.

FBI continues to awe LCS fans with his amazing kill-focused gameplay. Both FBI and his support Vulcan are playing a part in over 70% of Evil Geniuses’ kills. Vulcan seems to have a knack for staying on the same page with EG’s jungler, Inspired, in order to set up those plays.

Final Prediction: Cloud9 -113 : Bet LOL Today
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Final Prediction: Cloud9 -113 : Bet LOL Today
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