LCS Spring 2023 Week Six Betting Preview: Flyquest vs. Evil Geniuses

LCS Spring 2023 Week Six Betting Preview: Flyquest vs. Evil Geniuses

Week six of the 2023 Spring LCS is upon us, and the playoff picture is beginning to become quite clear. Flyquest are still leading the division with ten wins out of eleven matches, and they need just one more win to clinch a playoff berth with seven games remaining. Flyquest have an easy road ahead of them, but they are not ready to let off the gas quite yet.

Evil Geniuses are in the middle of a huge skid, with two straight losses, including one to the bottom dwellers of the division, Dignitas. They will also need to prepare for a second tough LOL betting matchup this week against TSM, giving them less preparation time against the division leaders.


LCS Spring 2023 Week Six Betting Preview – Flyquest vs. Evil Geniuses


Top Lane

Flyquest’s top laner, Impact, sometimes fails to live up to his name. The Korean import hovers around 55% kill participation, and struggles to fully get into a game when not on his signature K’Sante.

Unfortunately for Evil Geniuses, they are not much better in this lane. Ssumday has similar issues, with a 54% kill participation, and to make matters worse, he has no real signature champions to choose from.



Flyquest are dominant in the jungle, with Spica abusing the top meta picks of Maokai and Amumu in order to wreak havoc on games. The Chinese import will have to find a couple of new picks following changes in patch 13.4, but he has already shown other options like Vi, Wukong, and Sejuani.

EG’s Inspired has a kill participation of 78%, and he is one of the LCS’s most dominant players. His Sejuani and Vi are terrifying to play against, and he seems fairly immune to any meta-changes. EG will need to have a great performance from Inspired if they want to pull off an upset.


Mid Lane

Flyquest’s Vicla has been quietly putting up strong performances in the mid-lane all season long. He’s done it on the backs of a very diverse champion pool featuring eight different picks out of eleven games, giving the team a huge draft advantage.

EG’s Jojopyun currently holds a 72% kill participation on the season, and the mid-laner has done a great job of combining with Inspired to set up multiple ganks through the laning stage. Jojopyun also features a number of different champions, seven in total on the season, so there is ton of potential for a volatile lane matchup here.


Bottom Lane

Flyquest’s Prince has a KDA score of 12 on the season, on a whopping nine different champions in eleven matches. Prince has done this despite missing his duo partner, Winsome, in one series, and Flyquest can attribute the vast majority of their success to the wonderful play of their bot laner.

The good news for EG is they have a bot lane focused on playing around Inspired’s early-game roam threat. Both FBI and Vulcan have kill participation scores over 70%, but FBI lacks a true second champion pick after his signature Lucian.

Final Prediction: Flyquest -204 : Bet LOL Today
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