LOL LCS Spring 2023 Week 4 Betting Preview: 100 Thieves vs. Golden Guardians

LOL LCS Spring 2023 Week 4 Betting Preview: 100 Thieves vs. Golden Guardians

Week 4 of the LCS is upon us, and we have more exciting matches awaiting us this week. The first half of the round-robin is nearly complete, allowing us a better picture of each team’s strengths and weaknesses this season.

On Friday, February 17th, 100 Thieves will face off against Golden Guardians, in a potentially tricky match for the star-studded 100 Thieves roster. 100 Thieves are currently 4-2 on the season, but they ended Week 4 with a one-sided loss to division leaders Flyquest. Let’s take a look at the League of Legends betting odds for this Week.


LCS Spring 2023 Week 4 Betting Preview – 100 Thieves vs. Golden Guardians MyBookie League of Legends Betting Predictions


Top Lane

100 Thieves took a risk in their top laner, Tenacity, promoting him from their Academy squad in the wake of rumors he would move to Evil Geniuses. It remains to be seen how the move will play out in the long run, but Tenacity has so far paid back the faith 100 Thieves showed in him. He had a standout performance in Week 2 against TSM on K’Sante, one of the best Top Lane champions in the meta.

Licorice has been a stalwart on this Golden Guardians roster since 2021, but he has fallen behind early in this season. He holds two wins on Renekton out of two games, but otherwise has failed to win with any other champion.



100 Thieves have been fantastic in the Jungle role since signing Closer two years ago, and he is continuing to be a point of stability for the squad in the 2023 season. He has won two games each on Sejuani and Vi so far this season, and the only real criticism about his champion pool is his inability to play Elise.

River has done well on Golden Guardians after leaving Dignitas last year, and he could be poised to take a step towards the next level in this series. He has two games on Wukong this season, both losses, but produced impressive stats against a tough Evil Geniuses team in Week 1.


Mid Lane

Bjergsen left Team Liquid in the offseason, and his arrival to 100 Thieves has revolutionized their gameplay. Bjergsen has a kill participation of 73.3% on the season, across a varied number of champions like Zilean, Viktor, and Taliyah.

Golden Guardians have a new mid-laner of their own, with Gori arriving from China by way of Korea. Gori missed two series for Golden Guardians, both losses, and he brings an irreplaceable presence to the team by way of a 74.7% kill participation score.


Bottom Lane

Doublelift is the star of the show for 100 Thieves, as last week’s 14-kill performance on Caitlyn showed. Despite two losses, Doublelift has won lane in all six matches so far, averaging nearly 20 more creep score than the opponent at the 15-minute mark.

Stixxay and Huhi have been solid together since the latter’s arrival in the offseason, with their standout performance coming against Immortals last week. Huhi will be out for revenge after leaving 100 Thieves, eager to prove he is better than his counterpart, Busio.Final Prediction.

100 Thieves -277

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