Top Rainbow Six Siege Matches to Bet On 2022 Jönköping Major Analysis

Top Rainbow Six Siege Matches to Bet On: 2022 Jönköping Major Analysis

MyBookie returns with free esports betting previews and predictions for a pair of Rainbow Six Siege Jönköping Major fixtures. Here are our eSports Betting picks for Team BDS vs. Spacestation Gaming and CYCLOPS athlete gaming vs. MnM Gaming, who will meet on Monday, November 21.

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Team BDS vs Spacestation Gaming

Group C will feature Team BDS, Spacestation gaming, FURY, and w7m Esports, forming a very interesting set of games with no clear strongest team. FURY are undeniably the weakest team in Group C, but also a team that will dictate who makes it out alive. In other words, whichever team loses to FURY will crash out.

As for the remaining teams, mainly BDS and Spacestation, they seem fairly evenly matched. We would, however, give Team BDS a slight edge for this bout, mainly because they seem like a more stable team.

BDS and Spacestation are strong defensively, but we’ve seen BDS drop far fewer games than they should’ve won. Interestingly, the two teams have never met before, so we have no H2H records to look at. Still, we can see that BDS are in much better shape.

They won Japan Invitational – 2022 earlier this month, placed third in European League – Season 2022, finished runners-up at European League 2022 – Stage 3, and claimed the Gamers8 2022 title in August. We still wouldn’t say that BDS are one of the main favorites to win it all, but they seem like a much more consistent and ultimately better team than Spacestation.

Prediction: Team BDS to win

CYCLOPS athlete gaming vs MnM Gaming

CYCLOPS athlete gaming and MnM Gaming have both been placed in Group A alongside Dragons and Soniqs, which makes for a very interesting pairing, mainly because three of the four teams have never before made it out of the R6S Major group stage.

But at first glance, it’s more than fair to say that Soniqs will be the team to go 2-0, leaving just one more spot for the remaining three squads to fight for.

Knowing that this match will be extremely important for MnM and CYCLOPS, as a defeat could spell serious problems, getting one of the two squads just one step away from elimination. According to the latest odds, MnM are the favorites, and there are good reasons to believe that is true.

Even though it wouldn’t be too shocking to see CYCLOPS win, they’re not a team you would trust on the international stage. They have looked good this season but lack the experience to be trusted to deliver internationally.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that MnM will make it out alive and be the second team to qualify for the playoffs – that will likely be Black Dragons e-Sports – but they’re definitely in a better spot than MnM.

That said, MnM are prone to losing games they shouldn’t and are – similar to CYCLOPS – not a very trustworthy team. While stronger on paper, MnM can easily lose on Monday. We view this match to be fairly close to 50/50, so we’ll take CYCLOPS to cause an upset at plus money.

Prediction: CYCLOPS athlete gaming to win


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