2020 Emilia Romagna GP Expert Analysis - Formula 1 Betting

2020 Emilia Romagna GP Expert Analysis – Formula 1 Betting

Written by on October 29, 2020

At this stage of the F1 season, you have to say that it looks as though Lewis Hamilton is once again going to be crowned the world champion. Every time one of the challengers wins and makes us believe that we might yet get a race for the top spot, Hamilton comes right back and rips off consecutive wins to once again open a gap at the top. Each week, the goal for bettors is to try and find a race where Hamilton might not be at his best, allowing another driver to sneak in and take the top spot on the podium. This weekend, the drivers will be in Italy for the first of 5 races remaining in the 2020 season. Can someone else take the spotlight away from Hamilton this weekend? Let’s take a look at the usual list of favorites, along with their Formula 1 odds.

Formula 1 Betting Analysis for the 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton (-250)

As mentioned earlier, wagering on F1 is all about finding races where Hamilton might not be at his best. You could certainly make an argument that this might be one such race given what he has done in Italy in his last few visits there. Earlier this season when F1 landed in Italy, Hamilton had his worst run of the season, finishing in 7th in that one. He was 3rd here last year, although that is somewhat tempered by the fact that he won back to back races in Italy in the two seasons prior to that one. The reality here, though, is that Hamilton has been outstanding all season, aside from that 7th place finish, and is now on a run of back to back wins. It really is only a matter of time before he officially clinches another championship.

Valtteri Bottas (+350)

We have said this before, but we believe that it is something that bears repeating, were it not for Lewis Hamilton, Bottas would probably have a couple of world championships under his belt already. He has made a habit of standing on the podium this season, with the downside being that he is usually in the #2 spot, just as he was again last weekend. Bottas does have a couple of wins to his name this season, but those are not enough to get him anywhere near the leader in terms of the overall standings. Bottas ran 5th in Italy earlier this season, while going 2nd here last year. Always a threat to spring the mild upset.

Max Verstappen (+450)

You could argue that Verstappen has been the most consistent driver in Formula 1 this season, but with 5 races to go, he still finds himself down in 3rd. He has had 3 races, including back to back events, where he has been forced to retire, which has had an impact on his points total. Outside of those 3 races, the Dutchman has never been anywhere but on the podium, although not yet in the top spot. You get the definite sense that Verstappen is long overdue for a win, but Italy might not be the place where it happens, as he really has had very little success here.


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