2022 Formula 1 Championship Odds: Verstappen and Hamilton Betting Favorites for New Season

2022 Formula 1 Championship Odds: Verstappen and Hamilton Betting Favorites for New Season

Written by on January 19, 2022

We are now just a matter of weeks away from the start of the 2022 Formula 1 season, with the expectation being that we will see another epic battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. This is, of course, all dependent on the decision that Hamilton makes about his future. He has still not announced his plans for the coming season, although the general consensus is that he will return. The fact, though, is that we may need to wait until the FIA makes further comments on what went down in the final race of the season last year, where it looked as though the rules were not properly applied, with that decision essentially costing Hamilton the title. The outcome of all of that will play a huge role in whether Hamilton races or sits out the upcoming F1 season. With that said, check out our Formula 1 Betting analysis for the 2022 season so you can plan your bets against the Formula 1 Championship odds.

F1 2022 Drivers Championship: Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton and Why They Will Win

Let’s Assume That Hamilton Participates

If we are to go under the assumption that Hamilton will be back racing with Mercedes, then there is no reason to think that he will see any type of regression. Hamilton is a fierce competitor at the best of times, but when he comes in with a chip on his shoulder, he could be even more dangerous. For Hamilton to win a record-setting 8th World Championship, he is going to need to improve on his performance in 2021. This is not to suggest that he had a down year, as he came as close as it gets to winning it all, but Verstappen got the best of him too many times. What is likely to help Hamilton here is that Mercedes is likely to be as annoyed with the events of last season as their top driver is, so expect them to work hard to get the most out of their car this coming season.

Can Verstappen Repeat as Champion?

Winning an F1 World Championship is great, but there are a lot of fans looking at Verstappen’s victory as being a little flawed given how things ended. That is probably a little unfair because if you take the whole season into account, Verstappen had the most wins and was the most consistent driver. That is more than enough to tell us that he was indeed a deserving champion. Still, he will almost certainly want to win again without the controversy seen last season, just to prove to F1 fans that he is currently the best in the business. Verstappen has been about as consistent as it gets over the last couple of seasons, but can he go on the type of run that saw Hamilton become arguably the best driver in the history of the sport? Some will suggest that a second title would be flawed if Hamilton chose to sit this season out.

Who Comes Out on Top?

Until we know the status of Hamilton, this is a question that is too tough to answer at the moment. Hamilton is reaching an age where many drivers bow out of F1, but we all know how badly he wants that record-breaking title. If Verstappen can maintain his form from last season, he is going to be tough to knock out of the top spot.

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