Updated Odds to Win 2021 Formula 1 - Drivers Championship 2021

Updated Odds to Win 2021 Formula 1 – Drivers Championship 2021

Written by on October 7, 2021

This weekend, the Formula 1 drivers will be in Turkey for the next Grand Prix in what has been an amazing season to this point. Including the Turkish Grand Prix, there are just 7 races left on the season, with the top two drivers separated by a mere 2 points. It is all to play for coming down the stretch, but who will land on top?  The simple answer is that it will be either Lewis Hamilton, the current leader, or Max Verstappen, as those two have opened up a gap on the pack that cannot be closed. Sure, mathematics will tell you that it is still possible for someone to emerge in the final 7 races and go on a run that takes them to the top, but the reality is that Hamilton and Verstappen are just that much better than everyone else. Now that we know this, who wins it all, and what are the current odds?

Updated Odds to Win 2021 Formula 1 – Drivers Championship 2021

Max Verstappen (-150)

Given that he has never finished better than 3rd overall in the F1 championship race, it is perhaps a little surprising that Verstappen is in as the favorite at this stage of the season. In fairness, most F1 fans thought that he would be the main challenger to Hamilton this season, but most would also probably have said that he would likely need to settle for 2nd overall. Verstappen already has 7 wins, 5 more than he had last season, but he is on a run of 2 races without a win. That is not a long run by any stretch of the imagination, but in a race this close, those finishes mean that he has lost some ground in the battle for a world title. The question now is whether he can get back to winning and finish the season strong enough to land on top.

Lewis Hamilton (+120)

We can almost guarantee that a lot of bettors are going to be jumping on these odds with 7 races remaining in the season. I certainly didn’t expect to see Hamilton sitting at these odds this late in the season, but that gives you some idea of just how wild it has been in Formula 1 in 2021. He certainly started the year in the type of form that led us all to believe that he would cruise to a record 8th world title, but things have not been so smooth since winning 3 of the first 4 races. In fact, since that start, Hamilton has picked up just 2 more wins to get to 5 on the season. To put that in perspective, he had 10 wins at this stage of the season in 2020. The one thing that flips things in the favor of Hamilton is that he has shown the ability to handle the pressure and come out on top over the course of his career.

Who Gets 3rd?

Unless something seriously drastic happens, Hamilton and Verstappen are going to occupy the top 2 spots once the season ends. As far as the 3rd place finish goes, Valtteri Bottas looks like the best bet, as he has a 12-point lead on the rest of the pack. Lando Norris and Sergio Perez will have some say in that, but I think we are looking at a very familiar top 3.


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