2020 Formula One World Championship Odds

F1 Early Odds Driver Championship

Written by on February 28, 2020

The 2020 F1 World Championships kick off on March 15 in Australia. The Australian Grand Prix starts the 22-race season. As we might expect, Lewis Hamilton offers low odds to repeat as the season’s champ. Hamilton’s odds are close to -200. Keep reading for an assessment of the fairness of those odds. Also, check out an analysis of other drivers’ chances to take home the championship! Let’s see how the Formula One odds will be for the 2020 F1 Season.

2020 Formula One World Championship Odds

  • When: March 15 – November 29
  • Where: Various Racetracks

F1 Early Driver Championship Odds

  • Lewis Hamilton -190
  • Charles Leclerc +500
  • Valtteri Bottas +550
  • Max Verstappen +500
  • Sebastian Vettel +900
  • Alexander Albon +10000
  • Carlos Sainz +50000
  • Sergio Perez +100000
  • Daniel Ricciardo +100000
  • Esteban Ocon +100000
  • Lando Norris +100000
  • Kimi Raikkonen +150000
  • Roman Grosjean +200000
  • Lance Stroll +200000
  • Kevin Magnussen +100000
  • Antonio Giovinazzi +200000
  • Daniil Kvyat +200000
  • Pierre Gasly +200000
  • George Russell +250000

Is Lewis Hamilton an overlay or underlay at -190?

How awesome is Lewis Hamilton? The Mercedes driver has won the title in the past three years. But that’s just half the story. Not only has Hamilton won 3 straight championships, but he’s also won 5-of-6. The lone loss happened in 2016. That’s when Mercedes teammate Nico Rosenberg took the title.

But although Hamilton deserves favoritism, and isn’t a terrible bet at -190, 2020 could be more difficult for him than many imagine. His teammate, Valtteri Bottas, took 2 of the first 4 races last year. Bottas won 4 races altogether.

Sebastian Vettel won a race. Max Verstappen took 3 races. Charles Leclerc took 2 races. It all adds up to Lewis facing much tougher competition in 2020 than he did in 2019. Again, the odds are fair at -190. They’re not overlay odds, though. So, don’t consider Lewis Hamilton a lock on your Formula One Odds.

Which driver between Charles Leclerc, Valtteri Bottas, and Max Verstappen offers the fairest Formula One odds to win the 2020 F1 Driver Championship?

All 3 offer fair odds. Bottas made some great strides in 2019. Valtteri beat Lewis in 2 of the first 4 races. Max Verstappen made a mid-season push. He couldn’t sustain his momentum, though.

Although Bottas and Verstappen have a shot, the driver to back among the three is Charles Leclerc. Last year, Leclerc drove for Ferrari for the first time. The carmaker bumped Charles from the B-Team to the A-Team. He outdrove Vettel and showed that he can rock it with more firepower.

Mercedes has embarrassed Ferrari for a long time. They want a driver championship. Rest assured, Ferrari will pull out all the stops to get Leclerc onto as many podiums as they can this season. Among the three, Leclerc offers more value because he’s got more upside.

Does Sebastian Vettel offer fair odds at +900?

Expect more than +900 before jumping on Sebastian’s bandwagon. He’s an excellent driver. There’s a reason Ferrari pushed Charles Leclerc to the first team last year, though. Ferrari has rested their championship hopes on Leclerc. So, even though Vettel could surprise at odds of +900, he’s not worth a look. Not when Ferrari, Vettel’s team, has already turned to Leclerc as their top hope to take down Lewis Hamilton.

What are Alexander Albon’s true chances of winning the 2020 F1 Driver Championship?

They’re higher than +10000, that’s for sure. Albon is a good driver. He doesn’t have the car or team to beat the Big 5. Albon must prove that he can win a race first. Then, we can start considering him as a possible longshot to beat Hamilton.

Is there any driver worth considering after Albon?

No driver outside of the Big 5: Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel, and Charles Leclerc, won a race last season. So, no, there isn’t a driver to consider outside of Alexander Albon.

You could throw a dart and try to beat all of those drivers. Remember, though, that the Big 5 drivers have the best cars. So, that’s what you’d be doing, throwing a dart blind and hoping for a bullseye.