Formula 1 Odds and Betting Preview 2023 Drivers and Constructors Power Rankings

Formula 1 Odds and Betting Preview: 2023 Drivers and Constructors Power Rankings

Written by on December 8, 2022

The new F1 season doesn’t rev the engines until March 5 next year, but it’s never too early to think about which teams are in line to win the Constructors’ Championship and the Drivers’ Championship. Keep reading for Formula 1 Odds and power rankings for this upcoming Formula 1 season.

Early Formula 1 2023 Power Rankings Look Ahead

2023 Formula 1 Season

  • When: March 5 – Nov. 26

F1 Constructor Championship Odds

F1 Constructor Power Rankings

  1. Red Bull – As long as Verstappen and Perez drive well, it’s difficult to see Red Bull losing the constructors’ title. Even if your just a casual F1 fan, you know Max dominated. 

Perez didn’t have a terrible season either. Sergio won the Monaco Grand Prix and in Singapore. He also finished second in six other races. Perez ended the season third on the drivers standings.  

  1. Mercedes – Often the top team at Formula 1, Mercedes didn’t have a great 2022. Their 2022 followed a less than stellar 2021.

But Mercedes is like the New England Patriots of F1. They won’t stay down for long. Expect George Russell and Lewis Hamilton to pick it up big time this season. However, because of the season Red Bull just had, we can’t make them the top team on our power rankings.

  1. Ferrari

Ferrari kept pace early with Red Bull. Then, Verstappen and his crew took over and things went south.

Ferrari should bounce back this season. Whether or not they do depends on if Charles Leclerc can maintain the excellence he displayed from early last season until Nov. 26 at Abu Dhabi. If Leclerc does, he should knock heads with Verstappen from the first race to the last. 

F1 Drivers Championship Odds

F1 Drivers Championship Power Rankings

  1. Max Verstappen – The champ is looking for the three-peat. What can we say about Max that hasn’t already been said? He’s like the Jimmie Johnson of F1 when JJ was winning everything at NASCAR. 
  2. George Russell – We’re ranking Mercedes’ second driver ahead of Lewis Hamilton. In his first season driving for Mercedes A-Team, Russell secured the constructor’s only checkered flag at the Sau Palo Grand Prix. George also drove well enough to finish fourth on the drivers standings. 
  3. Charles Leclerc – Leclerc won two of the first three races, the Bahrain Grand Prix, and the Australia Grand Prix. Charles also won the Austrian GP, which is why Leclerc finished second on the standings.

But although Charles drove great, he didn’t come close to doing well enough to catch Verstappen. Leclerc and Ferrari believe they can make the jump to Max and Red Bull status. We’ll see.   

  1. Lewis Hamilton – The closest Hamilton got was finishing second. Lewis finished second five times last season, including finishing second in three straight: at the U.S. GP, the Mexico Grand Prix, and at Sau Paulo. 

No doubt, Hamilton believes he can go back to the dominance he once displayed. But with Russell surging late last season, becoming Mercedes top driver again may not be as easy as Hamilton and his fans believe. 

  1. Sergio Perez – Perez won two races and finished second six times. He had a great season. It just wasn’t close to being as great as teammate Max Verstappen’s.  
  2. Carlos Sainz – Sainz won the Great Britain Grand Prix, embarrassing Hamilton and Russell in the process. Carlos finished second in three other races. 

Sainz also finished ahead of Lewis Hamilton on the drivers standings. Carlos could for sure build upon his 2022. But for now, we must place him sixth on the power rankings. 


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