Formula 1 Qatar GP Betting Odds, Analysis & Prediction

Formula 1 Qatar GP Betting Odds, Analysis & Prediction

Written by on November 19, 2021

If we have learned anything from watching sports all these years, it’s that it can be very tough to dethrone a great champion. Throughout the 2021 Formula 1 season, we have seen Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen take turn atop the driver standings. As the season went on, though, it began to look as though Verstappen was beginning to pull away, putting Hamilton’s record-seeking 8th World Championship in doubt. Things looked even worse for the defending champion in Brazil when a penalty in qualifying had Hamilton starting in the 10th spot in the starting grid. What followed was a performance that many are describing as the best ever, with Hamilton taking the lead and winning after a masterful piece of driving. With 3 races left on the season, things have tightened up again at the top of the standings. This weekend, the drivers will be in Qatar for the first ever grand prix in that country, so let’s take a look at the current Formula 1 odds.

Formula 1 Betting Analysis for Ooredoo Qatar Grand Prix 2021 Race

Lewis Hamilton (-150)

Even with the win in Brazil, Hamilton still has some work to do is he is to win it all and take his 8th World Championship. As it stands now, he is 14 points off the pace, but he is in as the favorite this weekend. Figuring out who might win this weekend is a little tougher given that this is the first time any of these drivers will have been on this track in Qatar. Before you wager, it might not be a bad idea to take a look at the qualifying runs, as that might give you a better idea as to how the teams have put their vehicles together for this race. The question here is whether Mercedes can once again deliver the type of speed that made it possible for Hamilton to deliver that huge come from behind win in Brazil. Can Hamilton ride the momentum from that win and ride it to another title?

Max Verstappen (+165)

We have been talking about how the win in Brazil might spur Hamilton on to even greater things, but you also have to wonder how Verstappen will react. It really was beginning to look as though he had the title within his grasp, but the nature of the loss in Brazil has to have, in some small way, shaken him a little. There is no real reason for panic, though, as Verstappen has 2 wins and a 2nd place finish in the last 3 Grand Prix races in F1. In total, he has 9 wins on the season already, which is usually more than enough to win the World Championship. This, though, is now beginning to look like a race that might go all the way down to the final race of the year.

The Rest of the Pack

We have been looking at a 2-horse race all season long, but it is always worth taking a shot on another driver, especially given the odds. Valtteri Bottas is always worth a look, and you can get him this weekend at +1400. Another driver that might be worth a look is Sergio Perez, who is in at +1600 right now. Longhshots to be sure, but maybe worth a little flutter.


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