Golf Betting Inquiry on Rory McIlroy vs Jordan Spieth

Golf Betting Inquiry on Rory McIlroy vs Jordan Spieth

Written by on August 20, 2015

If you are a golf betting enthusiast, or spend any time at all observing Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth, you can see that they are vastly different – both as athletes and as individuals. While they both win and win big, the way they do it differs significantly. Golf writer Kyle Porter with CBS Sports joined their group on the Thursday round at last weekend’s PGA Championship to see what they would be like together. After all, the Thursday round doesn’t make a whole lot of difference unless you shoot a 78 or something, they would be a little freer to be themselves.

Closer Look at the Golf Betting Inquiry on Rory McIlroy vs Jordan Spieth

One difference that Porter noticed was the way McIlroy’s drive sound…and the way everyone else’s drives sound. On the 11th hole in that round, he hit a drive that “sounded like the air cannon that nearly gave Zach Johnson a heart attack at the John Deere,” according to Porter. Johnson and Spieth got some healthy impact on the ball, but McIlroy’s drive sounded like a detonation, and then it fell down about 360 yards down the fairway, about 50 yards farther than Spieth or Johnson.All three players would end up on the green in two, although Johnson had to scramble a bit. McIlroy and Spieth were relaxed as McIlroy related a story. McIlroy would sink his putt for a birdie, while Jordan Spieth would three-putt to take a bogey. When they went to the 12th hole, Spieth put a little too much on his ball, and it went right over the green. His thin chip was a lucky one, as it made it into the hole. For any other player, that thin chip would have ended up in a trap on the far side of the green (or at least that is what would have happened to me).

Do the Golf Betting Lines Favor Spieth or McIlroy?

So what sets the players apart? Spieth is taller and looks a little stiffer. Rory is shorter and bends to urge his errant drives to hew back to the fairway. Spieth has some baby fat still on him, while Rory clearly has spent a lot of time in the gym. McIlroy represents Nike, while Spieth wears Under Armour. Spieth loves to hit his 3-wood, while McIlroy is wedded to his driver. Rory celebrates with a quiet fist pump, while Spieth is exuberant. Spieth excels around the green, while McIlroy sticks three-iron shots on the green.So who is better? It’s hard to say just yet. They have their strengths and their weaknesses. One is #1 in the world, and the other is #2. Spieth has the hot hand right now, winning two majors this year and getting just this close to winning the other two. Rory McIlroy would have been right on his heels, more than likely, if he hadn’t ruptured a ligament playing soccer, of all things. It’s hard to imagine Spieth clowning around and juggling a football with his feet. It’s not hard, though, to see either one of these players putting on the green jacket next spring.)