Nyquist Kentucky Derby 2016

2016 Kentucky Derby Horses to Bet On

Written by on May 6, 2016

The 2016 Kentucky Derby is taking place this coming weekend. What a great day it should be for the horses to run. Millions across the world will be tuned in for this race, and there is no way you want to miss out on a chance to bet on the Kentucky Derby. Here is a look at some of the best Kentucky Derby betting picks and the horses to follow in the race.

2016 Kentucky Derby Horses to Bet On

Nyquist is the favorite to win the 2016 Kentucky Derby. This horse is named after a former National Hockey League stud. This Dark Bay horse with Reddam Racing as it’s owner and Doug O’Neil as it’s trainer is ready to claim the prize. Nyquist would love to grab the first big race of the season, and play with house money from that point on. Nyquist is 7-0-0 in it’s last 7 starts, and seemingly has been unbeatable.

The horse will be jockey’ed by Mario Gutierrez. This is the same racing group that got together in 2012 with “I’ll have Another” to win this event at Churchill Downs. Nyqust is going to be the 27th horse entering the Kentucky Derby unbeaten, and will seek to be the 8th to remain unbeaten. The horse seems to be ready to set the pace at this year’s Derby. Nyquist is the favorite to win the event, and listed at 3/1.Gun Runner is another to look out for at the 2016 Kentucky Derby; Gun Runner is a Chestnut Colt, who is owned by Winchell Thoroughbreds at Three Chimney’s Farm. Steve Rasmussen has this horse ready to roll for jockey Florent Georux. Gun Runner is 4-0-0 in it’s last four starts. The horse has family ties with Candy Ride, who won one of the classic distances. Gun Runner is known as an extremely quick horse that is one of the most athletic in the field. Gun Runner is set up well for some success in the 2016 Kentucky Derby. If Gun Runner can run down the favorite, in Nyqust is yet to be seen, but certainly worth a shot when it comes to betting on the horse. The horse comes into at 10/1 odds to win the Kentucky Derby.The final horse we want to present to you is a little bit of a dark horse. There are five horses ahead of this one in the 2016 favorites to win the Kentucky Derby. Listed sixth is Moar Spirit. Moar Spirit is a Dark Bay Ridgling from Pennsylvania. Owner Michael Lund Petersen has used famous trainer Bob Baffert to get Moar Spirit in tip top shape to race. While just 3-4 in it’s last 7 starts, Moar Spirit is seemingly waiting for the moment. The horse is considered a plodder, but has several gears, and one that has been seen as extremely fast. This horse, when put up to the task can out run the field.  Moar Spirit comes into the race listed at 13/1 to win the event. Trust us, Moar Spirit is more than worth the risk to bet on for the 2016 Kentucky Derby.Enjoy the weekend. It should be fun, and we are excited to present to you a trio of horses to keep an eye out for. Best of luck with any sports bets you make, especially those in the 2016 Kentucky Derby. May the fastest horse win!