2016 Belmont Stakes Trifecta Betting Picks Preview

2016 Belmont Stakes Trifecta Betting Picks Preview

Written by on June 8, 2016

Playing the horses on a regular basis means becoming an expert in money management. The best way to build your bankroll is by playing smaller stakes with larger payouts. You can try and pick live longshots, but will likely not have very much luck there. The best way to make the bigger bucks is by hitting the exotics bets, and they don’t come much bigger than the trifecta. In order to cash a winning trifecta ticket, you need to be able to predict the exact order of finish for the top 3. This is a little harder to do in Triple Crown races where the fields can be huge, but since the Belmont Stakes on Saturday, June 11 is only slated to have 8 horses running, your chances of winning will escalate quite nicely. The beauty of the trifecta is that you can cash a ticket paying hundreds, or sometimes even thousands, of dollars by wagering just $1. With a smaller field, you are not likely to hit those dizzying heights, but you can still make a very tidy profit by paying attention to the live odds and potential payouts for each possible winning combination.

Analyzing the 2016 Belmont Stakes Trifecta Betting Picks

Keying the favorite on top in your trifecta ticket

The 2016 Belmont Stakes morning lines will be out soon, but we already know that Preakness winner Exaggerator is going to be the heavy favorite. A good way to save some money with your trifecta ticket is to key him on top in all your wagers, assuming of course that you think he cannot be beat. Try to narrow down your selections to 4 horses that have a shot at landing in the money, and then play a ticket that would have Exaggerator winning, and the other 3 battling it out for second and third. Your ticket would read Exaggerator with horse 2,3,4 with horse 2,3,4 for a total cost of $6 on a $1 stake. As long as the favorite wins and any of your other 3 take second and third, you win.

Boxing your trifecta ticket

If you want to talk about money management, then you need to talk about increasing your chances to win in every race. Playing a horse on top will reduce your stake, but it will increase your risk. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you have to look at boxing your trifecta ticket. Boxing means selecting a certain number of horses and paying every possible winning combination. The number of horses you choose increases your chances of cashing a winning ticket, but it also increases the cost of your ticket. When playing a trifecta box, I generally play 4 horses, which adds up to 24 potential combinations, which, with a $1 stake, adds up to a $24 ticket. The horses I would play here are Exaggerator, Stradivari, Suddenbreakingnews, and Brody’s Cause.It is important that you pay attention to the live odds, as it is possible to win yet still lose money with a boxed ticket. Most online sportsbooks will show you the potential payouts for every winning ticket, so look at those and bet accordingly.