2022 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix Odds Favorites, Betting Analysis and Picks

2022 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix Odds Favorites, Betting Analysis and Picks

Written by on September 9, 2022

With 7 races remaining in the F1 season, you don’t usually get to crown a champion. That is not going to be the case in 2022, though, as Max Verstappen has now opened up a lead in the driver standings that is all but insurmountable. After all the drama and controversy of the 2021 season, this one has been a little anticlimactic, as no real challenger has emerged to make things tough for the reigning champion. Sure, there are some drivers having very good seasons. but none of them have been able to put it together in a way that would make the final few weeks a lot more interesting. Right now, it’s all about seeing how many wins and points Verstappen racks up, as he just needs 86 more to top the total that he delivered last season when he won it all. Let’s look at some of the contenders along with their Formula 1 Odds for the 2022 Italian Grand Prix.

F1 Betting Odds, Analysis and Prediction for the 2022 Italian GP at Monza Race

Max Verstappen (-207)

As we mentioned already, Verstappen heads to Monza on a run that has seen him win each of the last 4 races. Expanding that out, he has now won 10 races on the season, so it’s no real surprise to see that he is now a staggering 109 points ahead of the next closest driver in the standings. It would be easy for Verstappen to ease up a little and cruise home to the championship, but this is a guy who doesn’t seem to know the meaning of letting up, so don’t expect him to make way for another driver in Italy. This is a track that has not been kind to him over the years, as he has had to retire in each of his last 2 runs in Italy. That may be all he needs to get inspired to put in another winning performance.

Sergio Perez (+3900)

You do have to say that Red Bull Racing looks to be in good hands for the immediate future, with Verstappen and Perez teaming up to create a formidable duo. Perez is having an excellent season and is currently tied with Charles Leclerc for the #2 spot in the Formula 1 Drivers standings. He will be well aware that the championship is out of his reach this season, so he will be doing all he can to ensure that his teammate wins it all and that Red Bull gets a 1-2 finish once all is said and done. Perez ran 5th in Italy in 2021, but I would not be surprised to see him finish higher this time around.

Lewis Hamilton (+3900)

With the way Verstappen has performed this season and the issues that Mercedes has had, Hamilton has become something of a forgotten man in 2022. He will not be winning his record-setting 8th championship this season, but in an interview earlier this week, he did say that he was pushing to get a win this year. Since coming into F1 back in 2007, we have not seen a season where Hamilton has failed to win a single Grand Prix. He is on pace to do that this season, though, unless he can find a way to take a checkered flag coming down the stretch. Something to consider when it comes time to wager.


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