Updated 2019 World Series Odds – September 30th Edition

Updated 2019 World Series Odds – September 30th Edition

Written by on September 30, 2019

The Houston Astros, L.A. Dodgers, New Yankees, and Atlanta Braves start their quest for the World Series this week. Houston enters the quest for the championship with the best record in baseball. What are the chances of the Astros using homefield advantage to grab Fall Classic rings? Check out updated odds and analysis for the 2019 World Series!

Updated 2019 World Series Odds – September 30th Edition

  • When: 22 – Oct. 30
  • Where: TBD
  • TV: FOX
  • Live Stream: Fox Sports Go

Odds to Win 2019 World Series

  • Houston Astros +190
  • A. Dodgers +250
  • New York Yankees +350
  • Atlanta Braves +500
  • Louis Cardinals +1200
  • Minnesota Twins +1300
  • Washington Nationals +1500
  • Oakland Athletics +1600
  • Tampa Bay Rays +1700
  • Milwaukee Brewers +1700

What makes the Houston Astros an overlay? What makes them a possible underlay?

Let’s start with what makes them an underlay before getting to the positives. The glass half empty handicappers will point to the Astros 2019 MLB Playoffs flub. That, and the fact that they are likely to have to take on the New York Yankees in the ALCS makes them tough to back at low odds, those handicappers reason.

Not backing a team to win anything because they offer underlay odds make sense. In the case of the Astros, though, they don’t offer underlay odds. The Stros enter the postseason with 3 ace pitchers: Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole, and Zack Greinke. They rank first in team batting average. Their bullpen ranks first in team ERA. They might be an overlay at their current less than +200 odds to win the World Series.

Among the Atlanta Braves, L.A. Dodgers, and New York Yankees, which team has the best shot of winning the World Series?

You’d think the Yankees, but NYY must play the Minnesota Twins in the ALDS. The Yankees went 4-2 against the Twins during the regular season. If they get by the Twins in the ALDS, they most likely must battle the Astros. The Stros won the regular season against the Yankees 4-2.

The Braves or Dodgers are a better pick because one of them should end up in the World Series. The NL isn’t nearly as deep as the AL this season. Of the two, the Atlanta Braves are preferred over the Dodgers. Atlanta has a decent starting rotation while their bullpen has improved.

Shane Greene’s ERA went from 4.01 in the last 30 games to 2.51 in the last 15 games. Mark Melancon, the listed closer, has a 1.84 ERA in the last 15 games. Atlanta looks strong.

Which team between the St. Louis Cardinals and Minnesota Twins can win the 2019 World Series?

The Cardinals are hot in the future books. Their odds are down to +1200. History says St. Louis makes a playoff run. History doesn’t always repeat, though. In this case it could. St. Louis’ starting rotation ranks fifth with a 3.82 team ERA. The bullpen ranks sixth with a 3.88 team ERA. The Cardinals aren’t a great team at the plate. However, pitching is what leads you to wins in the postseason. Give St. Louis the nod over the Twins.

What are two wildcard teams that, should they win their play-in game, can upset in the MLB Postseason and take the Fall Classic?

The Washington Nationals in the NL and the Oakland Athletics in the AL figure to have the best shots of the wildcard teams. Washington has a bad bullpen, but they’ve got a legitimate hall of fame ace in Max Scherzer. If they can get past Milwaukee on Tuesday, they’d face a Dodgers’ squad that might get cold feet in the postseason after a couple of World Series losses the past two years.

The A’s rotation ranks sixth in MLB with a 3.97 team ERA. The bullpen ranks seventh. Although they could lose to Tampa in the wildcard game on Tuesday, Oakland knows the Houston Astros well. They have the better shot of pulling off the upset in the ALDS than the Rays.