MLB AL East Odds Analysis: Yankees, and Blue Jays Betting Favorites and More

MLB AL East Odds Analysis: Yankees, and Blue Jays Betting Favorites and More

While some divisions in the MLB are somewhat predictable, there are others where we could potentially have several teams in the hunt to win. For a while, it was the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox who routinely slugged It out for dominance, but there has been a bit of a shift in the balance of power over the past few seasons. Heading into 2023, the Red Sox aren’t really in the picture in terms of winning the division, but the big question is whether any team can topple the Yankees. That is what we are going to look at today as we try to figure out how the AL East will play out this coming season. Let’s look at the current MLB odds.


AL EAST Favorites to Win, Upsets, and Surprises for the 2023 Season | MLB Betting


New York Yankees (+120)

The Yankees set an absolutely torrid pace in the early part of last season, but it was a pace that proved to be impossible to sustain. They ended up finishing the regular season with a record of 99-63, which was good enough to win the division by 7 games. A big part of their success was the performance of Aaron Judge, who hit a record-setting 62 runs in 2022. The Yankees will be strong again and are going to be tough to knock off.


Toronto Blue Jays (+220)

If any team in the East can knock the Yankees out of top spot this season, you would have to think that it would be the Toronto Blue Jays. They finished 2nd last season with a record of 92-74, which was good enough to get them to the Wild Card, where they were unceremoniously swept by Seattle. This team will score a ton of runs again this season, and if they can get more out of their starting pitchers, they could give the Yankees a run for their money.


Tampa Bay Rays (+300)

The strength of the East was on full display last season, with no less than 3 teams making it to the postseason. The Rays ended the regular season with an 86-76 record, making it to the Wild Card, where they were swept by the Guardians. The Rays have been in the postseason in each of the last 4 years. This, though, is the definition of a team concept, as the Rays don’t really have any big-name players like others do. I think they might actually be a little better this season, so look for another Wild Card trip.


Boston Red Sox (+2000)

It was a big backward step for Boston last year after going all the way to the ALCS in 2021. They ended 2022 with a truly disappointing 78-84 record, which prompted them to make some major changes in the offseason. This is a lineup that is going to look very different than it did last year, which makes things a little more difficult to predict. The new guys are going to need to get up to speed quickly in what is a challenging division.


Baltimore Orioles (+2500)

The Orioles have now gone 6 straight seasons without a trip to the postseason, but there are some signs that their rebuild is beginning to bear some fruit. They improved by an astonishing 31 wins season on season, going 83-79 in 2022. That still left them well off the pace, but there is certainly a feeling that they might take another forward step this year, albeit still not big enough to compete for the division.

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