MLB Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – August 3rd Edition

MLB Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – August 3rd Edition

Major League Baseball played it’s first full week since the shutdown. MLB had an up and down 7-plus days since the Yankees and Nationals battled on July 23. Check out our August 3 Major League Baseball update so you can plan ahead your bets against their MLB odds.

MLB Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – August 3rd Edition

2020 Major League Baseball Season

  • When: July 23 through September 27
  • Where: Various Venues

2020 World Series Futures

  • New York Yankees +350
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +350
  • Houston Astros +900
  • Atlanta Braves +1200
  • St. Louis Cardinals +2500
  • Minnesota Twins +1200
  • Washington Nationals +2200
  • New York Mets +2000
  • Philadelphia Phillies +3000
  • L.A. Angels +2000
  • Boston Red Sox +5500
  • Cleveland Indians +2500
  • Chicago Cubs +2500
  • Tampa Bay Rays +1400
  • Oakland Athletics +2000
  • Cincinnati Reds +1800
  • Milwaukee Brewers +3300
  • Chicago White Sox +2000
  • San Diego Padres +3500
  • Arizona Diamondbacks +5500
  • Texas Rangers +8000
  • Toronto Blue Jays +6600
  • Colorado Rockies +15000
  • Pittsburgh Pirates +30000
  • San Francisco Giants +15000
  • Seattle Mariners +20000
  • Baltimore Orioles +30000
  • Detroit Tigers +20000
  • Kansas City Royals +15000
  • Miami Marlins +25000

More St. Louis Cardinals test positive but…

A couple of days ago, St. Louis team president John Mozeliak confirmed 13 total positive tests for the coronavirus. Seven players and 6 staff members.

Since then, St. Louis has canceled games. The reason the Cardinals positive tests caused such an uproar is because it came on the heels of the Miami Marlins testing positive for Covid-19.

Both teams have had to cancel games. It’s also reworked the schedule some. Because of that, we must make sure to check odds on MyBookie the morning of.

Covid caused cancellations are a reality. That’s just the way it is in Major League Baseball.

But, it’s not the death of the season. Commissioner Rob Manfred said that even though MLB has had to postpone 17 games in 10 days, the league isn’t a “quitter”.

Manfred said there’s no reason to stop the season “right now”. That should give baseball betting fans confidence that things will continue.

World Series Odds Changes point to Twins and Astros challenging the Yankees

One thing baseball handicappers should do is continually study World Series odds. By doing so, they can get an idea of which teams are handling the restart and which teams aren’t.

Although the Astros are this season’s scandal ridden pariah, they’ve played well enough to garner Fall Classic dollars. The Stros’ odds have fallen to +900.

The Minnesota Twins lead the AL Central. They’ve also gained backers. They’re now at +1200.

World Series movement on the Twins and Stros means the Yankees may yet have competition to win the AL. That’s why New York is up to +350.

Try to put Covid-19 baseball positives to the back of your mind. It’s difficult, but we must. The season will continue, and both the Marlins and Cardinals did what’s necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to other squads.