Best Brawls in History According to MLB Betting Fans

Best Brawls in History According to MLB Betting Fans

Written by on September 13, 2015

The history of Major Baseball League is stained by numerous brawls that keep coming up every now and then. Identities of teams have been tainted by such fights and many MLB betting odds have been affected by such feuds, costing others millions of dollars, while rewarding others in equal measure. In some cases, the brawls were so ugly that they ended in a series of fights, rather than being a one-time thing. Fortunately, even in all that ugliness, there are a couple of beautiful lessons that can be picked. As a preliminary note, most of these fights have come up between teams that share the same city and have long-standing histories of rivalry. If you aren’t a fan of fights and all, this is the part where your reading stops because, from here on, it’s going to get bloody and guilty four your innocent eyes. For adrenaline junkies and hardcore baseball fans, this one is for you. Enjoy!

A Look at the Best Brawls in History According to MLB Betting Fans

10. Cubs vs. White Sox, May 20, 2006

These two teams from Chicago clearly do have a history, but brawling was not part of it until this happened. On the D-day, White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski dug through the Cubs catcher Michael Barrett, following a sacrifice fly by Brian Anderson. Barrett’s responded by punching Pierzynski in the face and the brawl started. Until that moment, the brawl was limited to the stands. The fight was too vicious that the umpires took at least fifteen minutes to decide who was to be sent out.

9. White Sox vs. Rangers, Aug. 4, 1993

In an incident that the current White Sox manager Robin Ventura would love to forget, Nolan Ryan hit Ventura who decided to charge the mound. Ryan stopped him, bringing him down and punching him in the head. What was interesting is that Ryan was 46, 20 years older than Ventura but he still had the ability to do so.

8. Reds vs. Cardinals, Aug. 10, 2010

Any season when the Reds and Cardinals are both in the race for the top, things often get ugly. This fight was one special incident of the rivalry. The brawl came as a result of Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips claiming that “All the Cardinals do is moan about everything.” Philips first arrival on the plate was marked by tapping Yadier Molina on the shin guard, who was in no mood for taps. This turned into a fight, which escalated into a brawl. As told by the video, the fight was messy, setting the tone for further clashes in the subsequent meetings.

7. Yankees vs. Red Sox, Jul. 24, 2004

This fight was like a follow up on the fight a year before in the playoffs. Using a pitch, Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo hit Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod’s response was to yell at Arroyo and Jason Varitek. Jason Varitek pushed Rodriguez in the face, stirring up the bench. Several fights cropped out of this and the end of it was a number of players being sent off.

6. Mets vs. Reds, Oct. 8, 1973

This rare preseason fight that broke between Pete Rose and Bud Harrelson in a game three match of the national league championship was one of a kind. While trying to break up a double play, Rose bumped into Harrelson, who claimed Rose had elbowed him. Rose denied the claim leading to a fight. Knowing Rose as a fight-happy player, Harrelson went all out to prove that he was not a push over.

5. Yankees vs. Red Sox, Oct. 11, 2003

This fight broke out when the throw that the Red Sox starter Pedro Martinez did behind Karim Garcia’s head was awarded as a first base. Later on in the inning, Gargia tried to go second, taking out Todd Walker in the process. The two ended up shoving, prompting the bench to clear. This was just a taste of what was to come. Roger Clemens threw at Manny Ramirez at the end of the inning and the bench was at it again. Yankees coach Don Zimmer took after Martinez, who put him down to the dirt, angering the Yankees further and leading to a heated clash thereafter.

4. Yankees vs. Orioles, May 19, 1998

This fight goes down as one of the worst fights that the Yankees have ever been involved in, and considering the many Yankees fights we’ve seen, it really has to be a special brawl. After giving up the lead, Armando Benitez resorted to hitting Tino Martinez in the back, and everything was everywhere. Benitez went all out to get someone to fight only to be sucker-punched by Darryl Strawberry. Later on Darryl Strawberry also got slugged by Alan Mills. The fight ended and Benitez was suspended, while Strawberry had a bloodied mouth and a painful hand as gifts from the Brawl.

3. Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks, June 11, 2013

Obviously, this was a fight between teams of one of the latest rivalries in the MLB. Zack Greinke got a hit from another pitcher, Ian Kennedy, and the bench just went wild. This was a continuation of the brawl following the first once when Yasiel Puig took a hit. Greinke moved on to hit Miguel Montero and everything was out of control. The climax was when Dodgers reliever J.P. Howell sent Arizona coach Turner Ward flying into the camera rail.

2. Giants vs. Dodgers, Aug. 22, 1965

The fight broke out when Giants pitcher Juan Marichal hit two Dodgers hitters with a pitcher. Sandy Koufax was not impressed and decided to throw at Willie Mays. Later on, Marichal was angered by the way catcher Johnny Roseboro was returning pitches to Koufax too close to his head. Marichal used his bat to hit Roseboro and the same story of the bench clearing came into picture.

1. Braves vs. Padres, Aug. 12, 1984

This clash tops all MLB brawls on this list, as it forced the bench to be cleared on four separate occasions in the game. Atlanta took the lead in the game after Pascual Perez hit San Diego’s Alan Wiggins. Perez was later brushed back when he made it to the plate. He began to swing his bat, leading to the first fight. The second fight was as a result of San Diego trying to hit Perez. The third fight came in the eighth inning, while the forth one came in the ninth inning, summing a day that looked like a MMA group fight than a baseball game.