Coronavirus (COVID-19) MLB Update – August 31st Edition

Coronavirus (COVID-19) MLB Update – August 31st Edition

Sure, it’s a shortened Major League Baseball Season. But if the first two months was any indication, we should expect a crazy finish in September. Forget Covid-19. We’re past that. It’s time for us to go right to baseball because things got wild last week. Check out our Major League Baseball update for August 31 so you can bet on their MLB odds!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) MLB Update – August 31st Edition

2020 Major League Baseball Season

  • When: July 23 through September 27
  • Where: Various Venues

2020 World Series Futures

  • New York Yankees +350
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +350
  • Houston Astros +900
  • Atlanta Braves +1200
  • St. Louis Cardinals +2500
  • Minnesota Twins +1200
  • Washington Nationals +2200
  • New York Mets +2000
  • Philadelphia Phillies +3000
  • L.A. Angels +2000
  • Boston Red Sox +5500
  • Cleveland Indians +2500
  • Chicago Cubs +2500
  • Tampa Bay Rays +1400
  • Oakland Athletics +2000
  • Cincinnati Reds +1800
  • Milwaukee Brewers +3300
  • Chicago White Sox +2000
  • San Diego Padres +3500
  • Arizona Diamondbacks +5500
  • Texas Rangers +8000
  • Toronto Blue Jays +6600
  • Colorado Rockies +15000
  • Pittsburgh Pirates +30000
  • San Francisco Giants +15000
  • Seattle Mariners +20000
  • Baltimore Orioles +30000
  • Detroit Tigers +20000
  • Kansas City Royals +15000
  • Miami Marlins +25000

Top 5 AL & Top 5 NL Power Rankings

We’re going right to the power rankings. So many things happened last week, that we can’t waste time. Check out the power rankings. Then, read about how the new rankings should effect updated Fall Classic odds on MyBookie.

Top 5 American League Teams

  1. Tampa Bay Rays – As of August 30, the Rays were on a 4-game winning streak. They were 8-2 straight up in their last 10 and had gained a +34 run differential.  
  2. Oakland Athletics – Oakland’s run differential, +36, is nice. But the A’s may have an issue moving forward. Neither Frankie Montas nor Sean Manaea, their two aces last season, are throwing well.
  3. Cleveland Indians – Cleveland has jumped to the head of the AL Central Division standings. Their +45 run differential, 4-game winning streak as of August 30, and 7-3 record in their last 10 points to a squad that wants to win. 
  4. New York Yankees – The Yankees are 4 games behind the Rays. It could be tough for NYY to make up those 4 games. That’s what happens when you go 3-7 SU in your last 10. 
  5. Chicago White Sox – The White Sox are a game ahead of the Houston Astros for a wildcard. Chicago shouldn’t hang on, but, then again, the Stros aren’t playing lights out and their Team ERA is an 8th ranked 3.82. 

Top 5 National League Teams 

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers – LAD’s +85 run differential as of August 30 exceeds AL run differential king Cleveland’s by 40. If the Dodgers don’t win the World Series this season, they have nobody to blame but themselves. 
  2. Chicago Cubs – It’s the Cubbies and everybody else in the NL Central. Chicago has a +4 run differential. Milwaukee, who’s in second-place, has a -25 run differential. Chicago has gone 4-6 in their last 10 but they’re still the second best squad in the National League. 
  3. Atlanta Braves – A couple of squads are on the ATL’s heels, the Miami Marlins and the Philadelphia Phillies. Right now, the Braves have the NL East lead. So, they get top billing over the Fish and the Phils.
  4. San Diego Padres – If the Padres played in any other National League Division, they’d probably run away with the title. San Diego is likely to have to settle for a wildcard. Too bad because they rank second in the league with a +26 run differential. 
  5. Philadelphia Phillies – For a couple of reasons, we make the Phillies fifth, ahead of the Marlins. First, heading into Sunday, Aug. 30, Philadelphia has won 5 in a row. Second, the Phills have a +2 run differential as opposed to the Marlins’ -8 RD. 

Expect big World Series odds changes after this week’s update

Expect big changes with World Series odds. The Yankees went from looking like a postseason sure thing to struggling.

Tampa Bay is solid. So, expect odds on the Rays to plummet while odds on the Yankees to rise. Also, look for positive action on the Padres and Cleveland to drive down both their World Series odds. 

Have a great week!

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