Coronavirus (COVID-19) MLB Update – March 31st Edition

Coronavirus (COVID-19) MLB Update – March 31st Edition

Written by on March 31, 2020

Major League Baseball’s Opening Day should have happened last Thursday on March 26. We all know why nobody played baseball that day. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel for baseball fans. Of the three major league sports sitting on the proverbial bench, baseball has the clearest path forward after the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The MLB Players Association and owners struck a deal that should lead to players stepping onto diamonds as soon as possible. Check out key specifics about that deal along with some MLB Odds and World Series Odds!

2020 Major League Baseball Season

  • When: TBD
  • Where: Various Venues

2020 World Series Futures

  • New York Yankees +375
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +285
  • Houston Astros +850
  • Atlanta Braves +1200
  • Louis Cardinals +2000
  • Minnesota Twins +1200
  • Washington Nationals +1600
  • New York Mets +1700
  • Philadelphia Phillies +3300
  • Los Angeles Angels +2500
  • Boston Red Sox +4000
  • Cleveland Indians +3000
  • Chicago Cubs +2800
  • Tampa Bay Rays +1700
  • Oakland Athletics +1800
  • Cincinnati Reds +3000
  • Milwaukee Brewers +4000
  • Chicago White Sox +2500
  • San Diego Padres +5000
  • Arizona Diamondbacks +4500
  • Texas Rangers +7000
  • Toronto Blue Jays +10000
  • Colorado Rockies +20000
  • Pittsburgh Pirates +25000
  • San Francisco Giants +25000
  • Seattle Mariners +30000
  • Baltimore Orioles +30000
  • Detroit Tigers +30000
  • Kansas City Royals +30000
  • Miami Marlins +20000

MLB and Players’ Union Agree on Stipulations for Return

Major League Baseball and the Players’ Union agreed on certain stipulations for baseball’s return. Those stipulations happened because owners guaranteed to advance players $170 million for the next couple of months. The $170 million will be paid according to 4 categories. Players with guaranteed contracts get paid the most.

If baseball returns, the advance will count against final salaries. After players knew that they’d get paid even if a single game doesn’t happen this season, they were willing to sit down with owners and discuss the conditions for America’s Pastime to get going.

  • There can be no bans on mass gatherings in effect. Commissioner Rob Manfred could determine neutral site games, though.
  • No travel restrictions can be in place throughout the U.S. or Canada
  • Medical experts must determine that there is no health risk to players, staff or fans. The caveat to this is that Manfred can decide to play games in empty stadiums.

In regards to the last condition, MLBPA Executive VP Tony Clark said that players are “very open” to playing in empty stadiums and at neutral sites. Per Clark, players want to play as many games as possible.

Play MLB Futures in the MyBookie Sportsbook

Major League Baseball has a real path to start their season. Once the pandemic’s curve flattens, baseball should be ready to roll. MyBookie has added more MLB future betting options, including MLB Specials. Take a look at the odds on which Houston Astros player gets hit by the most pitches this season.

Astros Most Hit By Pitch 2020 Regular Season

  • Alex Bregman +100
  • George Springer +225
  • Jose Altuve +300
  • Carlos Correa +400
  • The Field (All Others) +350

If Springer bats leadoff, pitchers won’t hit him. Why put the leadoff man on base? Altuve is fast. That means, they won’t put Altuve on base unless they really want to hit him with a pitch. That could happen. Lots of starters are angry about the Stros stealing signs and Altuve is the franchise’s face.

Correa could definitely find himself on base after a pitcher beams him. His odds are decent as well. The Field is a good play because if pitchers want to hurt the Astros without hurting their own team, they’ll put unknown players onto the base path.

But the best play is the chalk, Alex Bregman. AB will bat either third or fourth this season. Unless Altuve and or Springer, or anybody ahead of Bregman gets on base, pitchers will believe it’s fine to beam Bregman because of his cheating ways.

Go chalky if you want to wager on this MLB Special. Also, brush up on your MLB betting stats because the season will start before we know it!

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