Early 2018 Season MLB Betting Strategies, Tips & More

Early 2018 Season MLB Betting Strategy, Tips & More

Written by on February 15, 2018

The first indication that baseball season is almost upon us came earlier in the week when pitchers and catchers reported for spring training. Pretty soon, we will be into Grapefruit and Cactus League action, which will soon be followed by the start of the regular season. Once the season gets underway, we will all be ready to get the MLB betting action going from the start.It’s natural to want to start building your pro-baseball betting bankroll right from opening day, but you need to be a little careful in the early going, as getting off to a slow start can affect how you wager the rest of the way. Let’s look at a few early season MLB odds and betting tips that should help keep you in the game all season long.

Early 2018 Season MLB Betting Strategy, Tips & More

2018 MLB Season Information

  • Regular Season: March 29 – September 30
  • Postseason: October 2 – October 22
  • World Series: October 23 – October 31
  • Number of Games: 162 (Per Team)
  • Number of Teams: 30

2018 MLB Betting Favorites to Win it All

  • Houston Astros: +450
  • New York Yankees: +450
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: +500
  • Cleveland Indians: +600
  • Chicago Cubs: +750


MLB Betting Tips

Don’t Believe the Hype

There are going to be a ton of articles written previewing the season ahead, but most are not worth the paper they are typed on. Media types are paid a lot of money to tell you exactly how the season will play out and which teams will be the ones to watch.They seldom get everything right, which means that you need to do your own research and form your own opinions. Don’t go dropping a lot of money on a team simply because a large majority of sportswriters told you that they are going to be great this year.

Bet Small to Begin With

In the early stages of any new MLB season, I tend to keep my wagers on the small side. Try to look at pitching match-ups that appear to be one-sided and which offer value and stick to those. Don’t get in the habit of betting every single game, as this will do nothing but clean you out.Stats and trends from previous years can be valuable when handicapping match-ups, but they can also quickly change when the new season begins. Once each team has played 10-20 games, you can begin to get a better idea of how things might play out, at which point you can start to increase your wager amounts.

Beware of Teams That Made a Lot of Off-Season Moves

Every off-season, there is at least one team that seems to go all in by spending a ton of money to bring in big-name free agents. While this may end up paying dividends over the long haul, it can be problematic early on. Teams that make a lot of changes to their roster often go through a teething period when the new players try to gel with the existing talent.The Yankees are among the MLB Betting favorites to win it all after the signing of Giancarlo Stanton.The same rules apply when a team starts the year with a new coach, as he may have a different philosophy and approach to the game that previous managers. Watch how these teams react to change before jumping in and wagering on them.

Pay Attention to Pitchers in Spring Training

The overall results of spring training tend to mean very little, but the performance of the pitchers is something that really needs to be looked at. A pitcher who looks sharp in spring training games is very often one that will get off to a fast start when the regular season begins.The same rules apply with pitchers who routinely get hit hard in spring training games. They may eventually get right when the meaningful games begin, but the rot can definitely set in early on.

Last 10 World Series Champions

  • 2017: Houston Astros
  • 2016: Chicago Cubs
  • 2015: Kansas City Royals
  • 2014: San Francisco Giants
  • 2013: Boston Red Sox
  • 2012: San Francisco Giants
  • 2011: St. Louis Cardinals
  • 2010: San Francisco Giants
  • 2009: New York Yankees
  • 2008: Philadelphia Phillies