Early 2019 MLB Betting Strategies, Tips, and More

Early 2019 MLB Betting Strategies, Tips, and More

Written by on February 15, 2019

The 2019 Major League Baseball Season doesn’t start until April. It sounds like a long time, but it really isn’t. In fact, it’s around 6 weeks away, which means we had better start thinking about how we’re going to attack this year’s baseball season.

2019 could be an amazing year. Check out a few strategies, some day-to-day tips, and a couple of other things that should help us profit this baseball season. And don’t forget to check out the latest 2019 World Series odds before the season kicks off.

Early 2019 MLB Betting Strategies, Tips, and More

MLB Season Betting Strategies

Concentrate on either the AL or NL

The best way to make money betting on baseball is to decide if you’re an American League expert or a National League expert. Although it’s fun to wager on games in both leagues, one uses a designated hitter while the other doesn’t.

That alone makes handicapping games in one league different from handicapping games in another. Decide which league you wish to be an expert on. Then, lean towards wagering on games in that league. Don’t worry. There are plenty of opportunities in both leagues for profit because all teams play 162 games.

Only wager on interleague games for fun

Bouncing off the above strategy, only wager on interleague games if you’re looking to have some fun, if you want some action. MLB managers don’t take interleague games as seriously as they do in-league games. Why should you if the people in charge don’t?

Handicap managers

Speaking of MLB managers, handicapping them can lead to great success. Not all managers are the same. Most have tendencies that make them different from other managers. Some like to throw away some games (we discuss that more in the next section), while others prefer to experiment in some games.

It all depends. Pick your league, then pay attention to the managers in the league you want to bet. After a couple of weeks, you’ll have a good idea of a few manager tendencies that you can use to make winning wagers.

MLB Betting Day-to-Day Tips

Don’t over handicap pitchers

Over handicapping pitchers can lead to missed opportunities. Instead of over handicapping pitchers, think in terms of odds. For example, if Clayton Kershaw allows a team to bat .350 against him, is he a good bet at -210?

Is he a good bet at -110? Think in terms of that day’s odds and then handicap the pitcher.

Remember, some day-to-day games are throw away games

Managers will throw games away. A throw away game is one where a manager might keep a struggling pitcher in the game for a few extra innings after he’s given up a bunch of runs to see if he can work his way out of it. Sometimes, the manager might even throw a pitcher into the fire against a hot hitting team just to see how he’ll perform.

Managers must play the long game. That means throwing away a few contests during the 162 game MLB Regular Season. Keep that in mind when wagering.

Look for reasons to go against teams with low odds

Always look to play against favored teams. If the favored team is simply better than their opponent, by all means, back them. But, don’t get up by chasing favorites and most definitely don’t talk yourself off an underdog if things point to a possible upset.

Remember, all 30 MLB teams play 162 games. That’s a lot of games. If teams only lose 62 games from 162, it means they had a great season.

Other Things to Consider…

Not team has repeated as World Series Champions since the Yankees in 1999-2000

The Red Sox should be up against it to repeat as World Series Champs. That’s why they’re at +600 along with the Houston Astros and New York Yankees.

Although it’s true that no team has repeated as World Series Champions in close to 20 years, the streak will eventually end, though. If you like the Red Sox, consider backing them because they kept their team together during the offseason.

The AL has won 3 of the last 4 World Series

Dodgers are +700 and should have a shot. The AL has been dominant, though. What’s interesting is that the American League finally gets it. They build powerhouse rotations and bullpens before moving to build a powerful batting lineup.

Unless the NL teams go back to that, they’ll continue to lose the World Series.