MLB Betting Projections for Win/Loss Totals in 2015

Written by on May 25, 2015

The script for the MLB season so far is pretty much what we expected it to be, with some teams starting strongly and others snail-pacing behind the leaders. Of course, there have also been a few surprises here and there, though nothing totally unforeseen, going by our early season MLB betting forecasts. Ahead of the MLB games slated for this week, here are our updated baseball betting projections for the best/worst win/loss team totals this season.

Closer Look at the MLB Betting Projections for Win/Loss Totals in 2015

Projected Worst Team Totals in 2015 MLB Season

Philadelphia Phillies (Current Record: 18-25, Projected Total: 69-93)

The Phillies are currently sitting above the Rockies in the NL East, but at the end of the season, the highest likelihood is that the Marlins will climb above them with a comfortable margin. Led by the underwhelming Chase Utley, Philadelphia’s hitters have been totally out of sorts, with just two of them having an on-base percentage over .350. In the pitching department, Cole Hamels is looking decent, but he can’t carry the team alone, so the Phillies are likely to continue with their struggles until the end of the season.

Milwaukee Brewers (Current Record: 15-27, Projected Total: 71-91)

Languishing in shame at the bottom of the MLB with second-worst league record of 15-27 and currently riding on a two-game losing streak, the Brewers can’t seem to find a way out of their catastrophic start to the 2015 season . Even more worryingly, Milwaukee ranks at the bottom of the league in scored runs, while their pitching has been equally pathetic, with pitchers Kyle Lohse and Matt Garza disappointing in a great way. At this rate, getting to reach the 70- win mark will almost need a miracle.

Atlanta Braves (Current Record: 20-20, Projected Record: 73)

The only brave thing about Atlanta this season is the signing of Nick Markasis as a contact hitter, which has helped the offense feature quite well this season. Sadly, the Braves have one of the weakest bullpens in the league. If the pitching in Atlanta cannot improve (as we project the team not to do), a first consecutive losing season in the franchise’s history since 1989-90 will be definite, with the Braves being a non-factor in the NL.

Projected Top Team Totals in 2015 MLB Season

St. Louis Cardinals(Current Record: 27-14, Projected Record: 92-69

In spite of losing Adam Wainwright to a serious Achilles injury, the Cardinals have continued to impress, playing with a fiery intensity that has powered them to a league-best record after 41 games. In pitching, Michael Wacha, Lance Lynn and John Lackey have been splendid, leading the Cards to the best team ERA in MLB, while Matt Carpenter, Jhonny Peralta and Matt Holiday are also doing it big in the offense. Therefore, although there is still a long way to go, 90-plus wins should be possible for this finely balanced team.

Washington Nationals (Current Record: 24-17, Projected Record 94

Currently riding hot on a five-game winning streak and 8 wins in their last 10 games, the Nationals have overcome their slow 7-13 start to the season and proving why they are among the hottest MLB teams in the 2015 World Series odds. Washington’s talent-laden pitching staff, led by Max Scherzer who leads the MLB in pitching WAR, is nearly uncontainable, while the offense boasts of the mind-blowing efficiency of Bryce Harper, who ranks at No. 1 in the National League in RBI, home runs, walks, slugging percentage and on-base percentage. With the pieces in Washington starting to click as a formidable unit, 90-plus victories is almost guaranteed for this red-hot team from the Capital

Los Angeles Dodgers (Current Record: 24-16, Projected Record: 96)

Like the Nationals and Cardinals, the Dodgers also have one of the most balanced units on both sides of field. But as an indicator of their capacity to go the distance better than other teams, the Dodgers have been able to keep their players quite healthy, while their rotations have been able to deliver big results against high-tier opposition, which should allow them to go well beyond the 90-win mark.