2022 MLB World Series Odds Update After 4 Weeks of Regular Season Action

2022 MLB World Series Odds Update After 4 Weeks of Regular Season Action

There is still the majority of the 2022 MLB season still to be played, so talking about potential World Series winners at this point seems more than a little foolish. Each team has played about 30 or so games, which some would consider to be not enough to really gauge how the rest of the season might go. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, as there are a few teams who look to be as advertised, either good or bad. Throughout the season, though, it is fun to watch the odds change as the fortunes of each team rises and falls. We will continue to look at the odds at intervals as the season progresses, so let’s look at some of the current favorites and their odds to win the MLB World Series.

Updated 2022 MLB World Series Betting Odds and Top Favorites | May 11th Edition

LA Dodgers (+440)

It is no real surprise to see the Dodgers in as the favorite, as they have been the team to beat in the National League for the past few seasons. They have a game and a half lead in the NL West right now, but that division is shaping up to be a tough one, as all 5 teams are currently sitting above .500, which is not that common, even in this early part of the season. While we could well see a very good divisional battle take place in the West, you have to remember that the Dodgers are loaded from top to bottom and will almost certainly be in the playoffs again.

New York Mets (+700)

If you were to force me to pick one team that already looks to be a playoff lock, I would have to go with the New York Mets. While the Dodgers are battling it out in a tough division, the Mets are racking up wins in what looks to be a very weak NL East. Things can change as the season goes on, with many expecting the Atlanta Braves to eventually find their way, but the Mets look very good in the early going. They already have a 7-game lead at the top of the division and are the only team in the East over .500. How that translates to the playoffs remains to be seen.

Toronto Blue Jays (+700)

After a few years of rebuilding, the Toronto Blue Jays came into the new season as one of the favorites to take a run at the World Series. Things are not going exactly to plan through the opening month of the season, and while the Blue Jays do have a winning record, they are down in 3rd in the AL East and already 5 games off the pace. They are not getting great pitching at the moment, but all of that can change. Still, if they continue to struggle, we might yet see their odds lengthen as the season progresses.

New York Yankees (+750)

There are few teams as hot as the Yankees at this current time, as they have gone on a winning run that has taken them all the way to the top of the AL East. We figured that this team would be able to put runs on the board, but their pitching and defense is perhaps a little surprising, as they have only given up 80 runs through 29 games. A long way to go, but you do have to say that the Yankees look like a legitimate threat this season.


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