MLB World Series Odds Update After Week 21 of the 2022 Season Action

MLB World Series Odds Update After Week 21 of the 2022 Season Action

Given that the MLB regular season is so long, it makes sense that we tend to see a lot of teams go on a rollercoaster ride. Every team, regardless of how good they are, will go through a spell or two where finding wins becomes next to impossible. The truth, though, is that the best teams always find a way to right the ship and make a playoff run. With the regular season now winding down, we know, for the most part, which teams will be playing beyond the regular season. A little tougher to predict is which of those teams will make a run that takes them all the way to the World Series. As the Atlanta Braves proved last season, it’s not always the team you expect to make that run that does it. As we wait to see how it all plays out. Let’s look at the current MLB World Series Lines.

Who is the Favorite to Win the Title? | Updated 2022 MLB World Series Betting Odds

LA Dodgers (+255)

With 89 wins on the season to this point, there is no team in the league with a better record than the LA Dodgers. As we have regularly seen in the past, though, ending the season with the best overall record does not necessarily translate to playoff success. What makes the Dodgers so scary this time around is that they are great from top to bottom. They have scored the most runs in the league and also surrendered the fewest. They are going to be very tough to beat over a 7-game series.

Houston Astros (+340)

After the signal stealing controversy that some suggest tainted their World Series win, the Astros have somewhat become the team that everybody loves to hate. No matter what you think of this group, though, you cannot deny that they are a very good ball club. They have totally dominated the AL West and are top 3 in run differential at this late stage of the season. You do have to say that their road through the AL does not look particularly challenging.

New York Yankees (+390)

It doesn’t like that long ago when we were talking about the Yankees putting together a season for the ages, but they cooled off dramatically in the second half of the season. The good news for this team, though, is that their lead was so huge in the AL East that they have been able to survive a bit of a slump and still stay comfortable at the top of the division. Their recent inconsistency is going to need to be fixed quickly if this team is to make a deep run in the postseason.

New York Mets (+460)

If we are being honest, a lot of us were sitting around waiting for the Mets to fold at some point, but they have stayed mostly consistent throughout the season. They are certainly not safe at the top of the NL East, though, as the Atlanta Braves are just 3 games back and still have time to close that gap. I think the Mets will hold on and win the division, but whether they can get past the Dodgers in the playoffs is another story.


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