MLB World Series Betting Update: Possible Matchups

MLB World Series Betting Update: Possible Matchups

While most of the schedule is set for the start of the MLB playoffs, we are still awaiting one game before we see the full picture. That game comes on Wednesday, when the LA Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals square off in the NL Wild Card game. The winner of that one will go on to face the San Francisco Giants in the NL Divisional Series. The other matchup on that side of the bracket sees the Atlanta Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers square off. Over in the American League, the ALDS games are set, with Tampa Bay and Boston going head-to-head, while Houston and the Chicago White Sox meet in the other series. The question now is who goes to the World Series. The stats website, FiveThirtyEight, came up with some probabilities about who might win it all, so let’s take a look at some of the potential matchups that come from that source. Let’s jump right into action so you can be all set to bet against the MLB World Series odds

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Tampa Bay Rays Vs LA Dodgers

The stats seem to suggest that these are the teams most likely to represent the AL and NL in the World Series, but that will, of course, all change rather dramatically if the Dodgers slip up in the Wild Card. The Dodgers won 6 more games than the Rays in the regular season, yet still had to go the way of the Wild Card because of the dominance of the Giants. That aside, LA has proven playoff experience and have made it to the World Series in 3 of the last 4 years, winning it in 2020. The Rays have steadily progressed over the last couple of seasons and went to the ALCS last season. This matchup makes a lot of sense.

Houston Astros Vs San Francisco Giants

With the Houston Astros, you have another recent World Series winner and a team that has been a regular player in the playoffs. Yes, there is some questions about signal stealing and such, but that aside, this is a team that always seems to be in the World Series picture. The San Francisco Giants ended the regular season with 107 wins, the most of any team in the league. That would seem to make them the prohibitive favorite heading into the playoffs, but it’s a tough road ahead of them.

Chicago White Sox Vs Atlanta Braves

The Chicago White Sox made the playoffs last season, but they did not make a whole lot of noise. More is expected from them this season, but their ALDS matchup with the Astros is certainly a tough one. Not a lot of people are looking at the Braves as a potential World Series winner for a couple of different reasons. While they have been in the playoffs the past couple of seasons, they have been poor in the big games. They also have the least number of regular season wins (88) of any playoff participant this season.

Boston Red Sox Vs Milwaukee Brewers

After a little bit of drama on the final day of the season, we ended up with the Red Sox and Yankees heading off to the AL Wild Card Game, which Boston managed to win. A victory like that can propel a team into a long playoff run, but this will be a tough road for the Red Sox. The Brewers have what looks to be a favorable matchup with the Braves, but they would then need to face the Dodgers or Giants. This World Series matchup looks like a longshot at best.


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