NASCAR Cup Series 2020 Championship Odds Update

NASCAR Cup Series 2020 Championship Odds Update

Written by on October 22, 2020

There are now just 3 races remaining in the NASCAR Cup Series season, with just 2 races to go before we get down to the final four. Joey Logano punched his ticket into the last round with a win at the Hollywood 400 last weekend, a victory that saw hid odds to win the championship shortened on the bookies board. The battle over the next couple of weeks is going to be for those remaining 3 spots, with the chances of either Kevin Harvick or Denny Hamlin, who have been the top two for a while now, potentially missing out on making the final four. They are still among the favorites to win it all, though, so let’s take a look at the top 4 favorites as it stands right now, along with their NASCAR odds.

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Kevin Harvick (+150)

It would be a huge disappointment for Harvick were he not to win it all this year. After all, he has the most wins (9) of any driver this season and has been at the top of the driver standings for as long as anyone can remember. The bookies still see him as the favorite, as the chances of him making the top 4 still remain very good, even if he fails to win either of the next 2 races. The good news for Harvick is that he will start in pole position this weekend, which gives him a real shot at picking up some valuable points or potentially getting the win.

Denny Hamlin (+225)

Everyone other than Joey Logano has to be sweating bullets heading into the final couple of races in the Round of 8. Like Harvick, Hamlin has looked like a sure bet to still be in the picture come the final race of the season. While the pressure has been ramped up a little for him, you still have to like his chances of getting a win or doing enough to stay in that top 4. He already has a win in the playoffs, which moved him into the round of 8, so don’t count out the possibility of him winning one of the next 3 races to punch his ticket into the final four.

Joey Logano (+450)

One great run in the playoffs can change everything, just as it did for Joey Logano last weekend. That victory was just his 3rd of the season, but it came at the perfect time, as it now puts him in that coveted final group. The reality, though, is that winning it all is still going to be a tough ask of Logano given that he has not been as good as Harvick or Hamlin over the course of the season. Still, with a guaranteed spot now in place, he is in the most comfortable position of all at the moment.

Brad Keselowski (+600)

As it stands at the moment, Keselowski is sitting in the top 4, but he has Chase Elliott breathing down his neck in a big way. Keselowski has 4 wins on the season, one of which came in the Round of 16 earlier in the playoffs. He needs a win in the final two Round of 8 races to really secure a spot, as he would fall below the cut line if another driver in the top 8 gets a win this weekend.


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