NASCAR Cup Series Championship Betting Update Top Drivers to Win it All

NASCAR Cup Series Championship Betting Update: Top Drivers to Win it All

Written by on October 26, 2022

It has been a truly unpredictable season in the NASCAR Cup Series, with no clear favorite emerging to win it all. With just 1 race remaining in the Round of 8, we have just 1 driver that has punched their ticket into the final race of the season. Joey Logano is that man, but is he considered the favorite to win the championship? That is very much open for discussion, as there are still a handful of drivers with a shot at joining him in the final 4, all of whom you can make an argument for. The final race in the Round of 8 will take place in Martinsville this weekend, but instead of focusing on that race, which we will do in a separate piece, let’s talk about how things might play out. Check out our NASCAR Betting analysis and predictions for the final few races of the season and who might win the 2022 Championship.

Top 3 NASCAR Cup Series Championship Betting Favorites and Prediction for the End of Season

The Top 4 Drivers With 2 Races Remaining

As mentioned earlier, we do have 1 driver who can relax a little this weekend, safe in the knowledge that they will be racing for the Cup Series title in Phoenix next week. That, of course, is Joey Logano, who has very quietly gone about his business this season, picking up enough points to continually move on without winning a lot. 

Behind him is Ross Chastain, which is sure to come as a surprise to a lot of fans given that this is just his 2nd full season in the Cup Series. Chase Elliott, the champion from 2020, is currently sitting in 3rd, with William Byron, another surprise, in 4th.  There is one familiar name hovering just below the cut line, which is sure to make everyone a little nervous, as Denny Hamlin knows how to get the job done under pressure.

Season Ending Predictions

As we get ready to predict the final 4 and the Cup Series Champion, we do also have to talk about the biggest failure or disappointment this season. The easy answer here is Kyle Larson. The defending champion delivered a season for the ages in 2021, and while matching that would have been damn near impossible, I think we can all agree that this has still been a disappointing season.

As far as the champion goes, my money is on Chase Elliott. After all, he knows what it takes to win a championship, plus he has the most wins (5) of any driver this season. He still has some work to do to get into the final 4, but of the drivers currently sitting above the cut line, he looks the most likely to move on.

I do think that Hamlin will sneak in and oust either Chastain or Byron. I also think that Hamlin has a very good shot at landing in the top 3. For me, he is the most capable of the bunch of winning back-to-back races and coming from below the cut line to win it all. As far as 3rd place goes, Ross Chastain has been a great story, but I think he is still a year or two away from a title. I think Logano will round out the top 3.


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