Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 Odds & Picks - NASCAR Betting

Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 Odds & Picks – NASCAR Betting

Written by on July 30, 2020

The NASCAR season continues this weekend with a trip to New Hampshire for the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301, the 20th race on the season. This race will kick off the month of August, the final full month before we get into the playoffs, so this next set of races is crucial for the drivers who are currently sitting below the cut line. Let’s take a closer look at some of the favorites to take the checkered flag on Sunday, at the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 so you can place your bets against their NASCAR odds.

NASCAR Cup Series – Foxwoods Resort Casino 301

It is a tight battle at the top of the driver standings at the moment, so expect to see those positions change over the course of the next month. This is when the battle for those coveted 16 playoff spots really begins, so look for drivers to take it up a notch in this final month of the season. With all of that in mind, we are going to dig a little deeper into this race to take a look at some of the favorites, so let’s get right to it.

Denny Hamlin (+400)

After the first 19 races of the season, Hamlin is sitting in 2nd in the driver standings with 2035 points, which leaves him just 2 points out of first place. No other driver has more wins than Hamlin, who has picked up 5, this season he has landed in the top 10 in 11 races overall and comes into this race having won 3 times at New Hampshire over the course of his career. His last win there came in 2017, but he also had a very good showing last season, finishing 2nd at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. A similar performance here could land him at the top of the driver standings.

Kevin Harvick (+400)

You will very often see that drivers seem to always perform well at a particular track. If that does indeed hold true for Harvick, then look for him to take the checkered flag at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway this weekend. He has won there in back to back seasons and has 3 wins at that track in his last runs. If that does not make him a clear favorite, I’m not sure what does. Harvick has been the king of consistency this season, winning 4 races and landing in the top 10 a staggering 16 times out of 19 races. He is my pick to win this weekend.

Kyle Busch (+700)

It is more than a little surprising to see Kyle Busch sitting down in 12th in the Cup  Series driver standings at this stage of the season, but it is perhaps even more surprising to see that he has yet to pick up a win this season. He has, though, been able to maintain a playoff spot by landing in the top 5 in 8 of his 19 races. When you are that close to the front that consistently, the law of averages suggests that a win is coming soon. In his last 12 runs at New Hampshire, he has landed in the top 5 a total of 7 times, with a pair of wins in that mix.

Ryan Blaney (+700)

Blaney has been quietly and efficiently going about his business this season, doing enough to earn the #5 spot in the driver standings after 19 races. He has a single win on the season, but he has 9 top 10 finishes, 7 of which were actually in the top 5. Blaney hasn’t had a lot of experience on the New Hampshire track, but he has been getting consistently better with each run, culminating in a 4th place finish last season.