APR 26 - 2nd Round Of Action For The 2017 NBA Playoff Predictions

2nd Round Of Action For The 2017 NBA Playoff Predictions

Written by on April 26, 2017

With the first round NBA playoff action nearing completion and the second round matchups starting to take shape, NBA betting enthusiast everywhere need some expert predictions on just what they can expect when the conference semifinals get underway on May 1.Thanks to some expert analysis – and my active mind – you’re about to get a trio of fun-filled predictions on each expected second round series that all have a high probability of playing out just like I expect. Now, let’s get to it.

Analyzing The 2nd Round Of Action For The 2017 NBA Playoff Predictions


Eastern Conference

No. 1 Boston vs. No. 4 Washington

Prediction No. 1 – It’s I.T. TimeIsaiah Thomas may be a ‘little guy’ but I’m fully expecting his legend to continue to grow as he repeatedly torches the Washington Wizards and hit the game-winner late in Game 7.Prediction No. 2 – Gortat…the New MosesWashington center Marcin Gortat is going to look like the second coming of Moses Malone as he dominate Boston’s uninspiring big men down low. Okay, okay, first John Wall and Bradley Beal have to pass him the ball, but you get the idea.Prediction No. 3 – Fight, Fight, Fight!I’m expecting a scrap between Boston’s Marcus Smart and Washington’s John Wall. Both players are extremely feisty and are almost bound for a confrontation or two once Smart is assigned to guard Wall – and instructed to stop him at any and all cost.

No. 3 Toronto vs. No. 2 Cleveland

Prediction No. 1 – Lowry Pulls Houdini I got a lot of love for my fellow Philadelphians like Kyle Lowry but I’m predicting Toronto’s all-star point guard to ‘disappear’ in at least two games against the Cavaliers when they meet in the second round. I know this isn’t a real bold prediction seeing as how Lowry pulled a disappearing act against the Cavs in last season’s Eastern Conference Finals, but it’s going to happen nonetheless.Prediction No. 2 DeMar DisappearsRaptors’ all-star shooting guard DeMar DeRozan will also disappear in at least two games against Cleveland as well. Again, I’m not making a real bold prediction a DeRozan also disappeared against the Cavs a couple of times last year as well.Prediction No. 3 – Punky Brewster Lives!LeBron James will punk the entire Raptors’ roster – for the second straight postseason. Every team need a ‘wild man’ that will stand up to James while inspiring his teammates to do the same. Unfortunately, Toronto doesn’t have that type of player on their roster, which I why they’ll go meekly into the offseason once again.

Western Conference

No. 1 Golden State vs. No. 5 Utah

Prediction No. 1 – 0-100…Real Slow!The Dubs might bounce the Jazz out in five games, but I don’t think they’re going to hit the 120-mark in doing so. Utah plays elite defense and while they struggle to score, they play at a slow pace that won’t allow Golden State to reach 120 points.Prediction No. 2 – In Jail Without the Bail!I know Golden State center Javale McGee has been playing some jaw-dropping basketball lately, but I’m banking on Utah’s Rudy Gobert to put McGee on lockdown with his height and athleticism. McGee has dominated Portland’s front line, but he’ll find the going much more difficult against Gobert and Utah’s sting defense.Prediction No. 3 – KD Says Hello!After battling some late-season injuries and coming back with some modest play against the Blazers, I’m fully expecting Kevin Durant to go off in at least two games against the Jazz despite the fact that Utah plays outstanding defense. It’s unfortunate for Gordon Hayward or whoever ha to guard him, but Durant is due for a few breakout games and he’ll get them against the Jazz, seeing a how there isn’t a player in the league capable of stopping him.

No. 3 Houston vs. No. 2 San Antonio

Prediction No. 1 – Leonard’s Legend Grows!Make no mistake about it, San Antonio Spurs’ superstar Kawhi Leonard is the bet two-way player in the game today (sorry Klay Thompson). I’m fully expecting Leonard’s legend to grow even more as he both, puts the clamps on James Harden while lighting up Houston’s mediocre defense.Prediction No. 2 – LaMarcus Aldridge Gets Punked…Some MoreI have no idea what the hell has happened to Spurs power forward LaMarcus Aldridge, but he’s playing some absolutely pitiful basketball while getting consistently ‘punked’ by Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. Right now, I’m thinking Clint Capela, Montrezl Harrell and the rest of Houston’s big men stand just as good a chance of ‘punking’ Aldridge as Gasol and Randolph.Prediction No. 3 – Ryan Anderson Find His StrokHouston veteran forward Ryan Anderson struggled mightily in  averaging just 7.4 points per game in the first round after putting up 13.6 point per game during the regular season, but I’m banking on Anderson’s shooting stroke to return against the Spurs simply because he’s proven to be too good of a shooter to be mired in an extended shooting slump.