Coronavirus (COVID-19) NBA Update – September 15th Edition

Coronavirus (COVID-19) NBA Update – September 15th Edition

The Los Angeles Lakers shut the door on the Houston Rockets while the Boston Celtics ended Toronto’s quest for a repeat. This week, the Celtics battle the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals and the Lakers start the Western Conference Finals against either the Clippers or Nuggets. Read more in our Sep. 15 NBA Update so you can set down your bets against their NBA odds!

NBA Betting: COVID-19 Update – September 15th Edition

2020 NBA Championship

  • When: September 27 – October 17
  • Where: Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL

2020 NBA Championship Odds

Lakers become underlay favorites to win the NBA Title

Heading into their series versus the Houston Rockets, the L.A. Lakers were thought of as the most vulnerable favorite in the Orlando bubble. After the series with the Rockets, the Lakers are big time chalks to win the championship.

Save for a 97-112 Game 1 loss, LAL dominated the Rockets. The Lakers won four straight: 117-109, 112-102, 110-100, and 119-96. Why did Los Angeles destroy Houston so thoroughly? Most will look to L.A.’s two stars, LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

But the real reason Los Angeles beat the Rockets by such huge margins is because the other Lakers stepped it up. Marcus Morris, Danny Green, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Kyle Kuzma all scored in double-figures in the Game 5 win.

That’s a good sign for LAL. If the supporting cast can pitch in enough so that both LeBron and AD mustn’t drop 30 every game, the Lakers should win rings this season.

Miami offers overlay odds

Of the teams left in the NBA Playoffs, the one squad that offers overlay odds are the Miami Heat. For some reason, basketball bettors continue to discount how well-balanced Miami is. Erik Spoelstra is a championship winning coach. Why wouldn’t he send a team to the court that could dominate the Milwaukee Bucks?

Not only that, but Jimmy Butler is one of the top five players in the NBA. Spoelstra and Heat president Pat Riley knew that when they acquired him to play in South Florida. Miami presents the best opportunity for hoops handicappers to cash at good odds.  

After Sep. 15 games, we’ll know which team to back in the NBA Conference Finals

We’ll know more about who will take the Eastern Conference Finals when the Heat and Celtics battle on Tuesday, Sep. 15. Boston is a -1 ½ chalk. If Butler and the Heat put a beating onto Boston, Miami’s odds should drop big time.

The other game on Tuesday is a Game 7 throw down between the Clippers and Denver Nuggets. Sure, the Clippers should win. But, it’s a Game 7 where anything can happen. Denver has won the last two games in the series.

The Game 6 victory was scintillating, as the Nuggets beat the Clippers 111-98. Denver is good enough to get by the Clippers a third straight time.

Have a great rest of your week!

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