NCAA Basketball 5 Bold Predictions for the 2023 Tournament

NCAA Basketball 5 Bold Predictions for the 2023 Tournament

The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament doesn’t tip off until March 14. But although were more than a month out, if we wait to make predictions, we could be left out in the cold. Check out five March Madness betting predictions that are sure to cause debate among you and your friends.

College Basketball Predictions for March Madness | NCAAB Betting Opportunities

When: March 14 – April 3

Alabama’s basketball team will enter the tournament as the top seed

Most schools aren’t the best at both football and basketball. Some believe Alabama’s pigskin program is the best in college football history, which is why it’s crazy to think that Alabama’s basketball team will end up the top overall seed in the 2023 NCAA Tournament.

Why Alabama over the Houston Cougars for the tourney’s overall number 1? Houston plays in the AAC. Bama plays in the loaded SEC.

Also, Bama’s two losses this season have happened against UConn, one of the Big East’s best teams, and Gonzaga, the preseason number 1. The Crimson Tide will grab a 1-seed for sure after winning the SEC Regular Season and the SEC Tournament. Then the committee will announce that Alabama is the overall number one seed heading into the March Madness tourney.

Defending champion Kansas makes a repeat trip to the NCAA Final Four

The Big 12 is loaded with quality teams. To nobody’s surprise, the best among the bunch are to the Kansas Jayhawks.

So far, it’s all good for the defending champs. Rock Chalk has suffered two losses this season. The first came against SEC power Tennessee. The second came against top 15 ranked rival Kansas State.

The loss to K-State was by a single point and it happened on the road, which means Kansas is playing great ball. By the time the NCAA Tournament rolls around, Bill Self will have the Jayhawks ready for a repeat Final Four appearance.

Kentucky doesn’t do enough to make the tournament

Coach Cal often finds a way to take the rabbit out of the hat. Just when we think Big Blue is done for, Calipari pulls the rabbit out and says, “See? We’re good enough!”

But Coach Cal won’t have his magic this season. The problem is that the SEC is loaded with quality squads but not all of them can get a bid.

Kentucky already has 6 losses. The Wildcats have games coming up against Kansas, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas twice, the surprising Georgia Bulldogs, Mississippi State, and Auburn. Even Vanderbilt could give Big Blue a challenge.

So unless Kentucky wins the SEC Tournament, a big if with Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Auburn, Florida, and Arkansas also participating, the Wildcats won’t stamp their ticket.

Both the Arizona Wildcats and UCLA Bruins enter the tournament 2-seeds and both make the Final Four

Arizona and UCLA play this Saturday. The game should be epic. After the game, one of these teams will fall in the rankings.

But there’s plenty of time for the loser to pick it up. Arizona or UCLA wins the Pac-12 Regular Season. Then AZ or UCLA beats the other to win the Pac-12 Tournament. It doesn’t matter which team wins and which team loses, both will attract a 2-seed.

The Houston Cougars beat the Arizona Wildcats to win the National Championship

The Wildcats have hit a rough patch but Tommy Lloyd’s squad has talent for days. No team can play an inside/outside game as well as Zona. If point-guard Kerr Krissa starts playing as well as he can, Arizona should make it to the Final Four.

Once they get there, Zona will win their semifinal game to set up a huge matchup against the only “NBA” team in college basketball, the Houston Cougars.

The Cougs play defense like the Bad Boy Pistons from the late 1980s, the Detroit team that included Isaiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Bill Laimbeer, and Dennis Rodman. Houston rocks Arizona and wins the National Title.


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