Tips You Should Take in Your 2023 March Madness Betting Strategies

Tips You Should Take in Your 2023 March Madness Betting Strategies

We are now just a matter of days away from Selection Sunday and the start of March Madness. For those of you planning on wagering during the tournament, now is the time to start thinking about your overall strategy. The goal is always to come out on top, and knowing which games to bet and which to avoid can help you walk away with a bigger bankroll than what you started with. Here are a few simple tips that might help you achieve that goal in the march madness betting.


NCAAB – 7 Must-Have Tips To Mastering March Madness Betting

  1. Ignore the Experts

    It’s not a bad idea to look at what the experts are saying about the tournament, but relying solely on their picks is usually a mistake. After all, when was the last time an expert delivered a perfect bracket? They may know more about teams that most of us, but it doesn’t mean that they are always right in their takes.

  2. Coaching Matters

    Yes, having a team loaded with talent certainly helps, but in the college game, coaches stay when players come and go. Getting the most out of the players you have is important, and there are some coaches that are better than others at doing that. It’s not the only factor you should consider when handicapping games, but it’s certainly an important one.

  3. Look For Hot Teams

    Only one team can walk away as the National Champion, but there are several teams who might go in and make some noise in the tournament. Every year, we get a few sleeper teams who emerge to make a run, and those are very often the ones that get on a roll late in the season. This is where you might just identify some potential bracket busters.

  5. Use Your Head, Not Your Heart

    Most of us have a team that we are rooting for heading into the tournament, but you have to take emotion out of the equations and instead only wager on games that you are confident about. Picking a favorite team and hoping for the best is one of the fastest ways to lose money.

  6. Consider Location

    Heading into the tournament, it is the Houston Cougars who are considered the favorite to win it all. If they get to the Final Four, they will essentially be playing at home, which might just give them a huge advantage. This applies throughout the tournament, though. Some teams will have as close to home court advantage as you can get, so look for those matchups along the way.

  7. Don’t Play Every Game

    This is especially true in the early rounds, where the games come thick and fast. You are setting yourself up for failure if you have money on every single game, especially since the odds aren’t always great in the first couple of rounds when you tend to have some serious mismatches. Once we get to the Elite Eight, you might then consider playing every game from that point forward.

  8. Manage Your Bankroll

    Don’t blow your budget on a single game, especially one that you consider to be a “lock.” We have all been wagering long enough to understand that there really is no such thing as a lock. Manage your money and don’t start chasing your losses if you are down in the early going. The tournament is a marathon, not a sprint.


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