10 NFL Draft Betting Predictions That Every Fan Should Analyze

10 NFL Draft Betting Predictions That Every Fan Should Analyze

In less than a week, NFL teams pick up phones, attempt to make deals, and draft college stars they hope will put them on the Super Bowl map.

Check out 10 NFL Draft predictions that every NFL fan should analyze.


10 NFL Draft Betting Predictions That Every Fan Should Analyze| MyBookie NFL Preview

2023 NFL Draft: Thursday, April 27 – Saturday, April 29
Location: Union Station, Kansas City, Missouri
Overview: 259 total selections in 7 rounds
First selection: Carolina Panthers
Mr. Irrelevant: Houston Texans


Carolina Drafts CJ Stroud First

Frank Reich won’t pull the trigger on a 5’ 10” quarterback who might struggle at the next level. That’s the way to describe Bryce Young.

Reich will pull the trigger on a much bigger quarterback, who is more accurate, and has wheels when required. That’s the way to describe CJ Stroud from Ohio State Buckeyes.


Houston Drafts Linebacker Will Anderson

Most believe the Houston Texans draft a quarterback with the second pick. But head coach DeMeco Ryans is a defensive first HC. Not only that, but are we sure the Texans have soured on Davis Mills?

The prediction here is Houston trades down to a team like the Colts, and grab Will Anderson with the fourth pick. The Texans talking up the idea they’re drafting a quarterback is putting the pieces in place for a move like this.


Anthony Richardson Drops out of the Top Ten

Richardson dominated at the Combine. So what? He has a lot of work to do to be accurate enough to play in the NFL. NFL teams are all about QB skills over athletic talent. Richardson drops out of the top ten.


Jalen Carter Also Drops out of the Top Ten

Carter has the talent, but he refused to talk to teams outside of the top ten. The NFL has a way of putting egocentric players in their place.

As good as Carter could be, he’s not proven in the NFL. Nobody in the Draft is. So don’t be surprised when Jalen falls out of the top ten.


Indianapolis shuns Lamar Jackson and Drafts Bryce Young

Everyone is telling the Indianapolis Colts they should give up two first round draft picks and trade for Lamar Jackson. Instead, the Colts will trade up to the second pick and call Bryce Young’s name.


Northwestern’s Pete Skoronski Gets a Call before Ohio State’s Paris Johnson

Paris Johnson Jr. and Pete Skoronski are 1-1A when it comes to which offensive lineman will be better. We’re taking a stab and say the Chicago Bears go with Skoronski over Johnson with pick nine.


Baltimore Trades Up to Draft Will Levis from Kentucky

The Ravens and Lamar are finished. Baltimore will trade Lamar. Who will the Baltimore Ravens trade Lamar Jackson to? Keep reading!


Minnesota Trades Their Top Pick to New England for Quarterback Mac Jones

Bill Belichick is providing signs he’s leaning towards starting Bailey Zappe this year instead of Mac Jones.

The Minnesota Vikings know that Kirk Cousins is never going to lead them to a Super Bowl. The Vikings have a ton of talent all over the place. So they’re in win now mode.

Kevin O’Connell is as creative of a play caller as it gets. O’Connell will relish the idea of drawing up plays for a solid starter who might just need some direction.


Green Bay Trades for Lamar Jackson

The Green Bay Packers will get a boatload of picks either in this draft in next year’s draft or in both drafts for sending Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets.

Green Bay will use those picks to march to the Super Bowl. The quarterback when they win the Super Bowl will be Lamar Jackson because it’s Green Bay who who makes the deal with the Ravens for Lamar.   

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