2016 NFL Week 4 Parlay Picks

Written by on July 19, 2016

We hope that you guys have been enjoying our NFL parlay picks for each week of the season, and we also hope that these selections will net you some cash once the action actually gets underway. We will have every week covered over the next few days, but for now, let’s turn our attention to the NFL Week 4 odds. If you haven’t been following along so far, let me quickly explain the format that I am following with these NFL futures bet predictions. I will start out with the pick that I believe to be the lock of the week, and then will choose another relatively safe bet (does such a thing exist?), followed by a road team that you should get at good odds, and then finally a coin flip pick that you can choose to add to the ticket or ignore completely. Without further ado, let’s get to the Week 4 picks.

Here’s a Closer Look At The 2016 NFL Week 4 Parlay Picks


Bengals over Dolphin

You have a team that is likely to be challenging for the AFC North against a team that is not going to be very good this year. The Cincinnati Bengals may not have had much in the way of playoff success in recent years, but they have been one of the more consistent performers in the regular season. They are always tough to beat in their own building, and should be more than good enough to take out the Dolphins in the Thursday night game. This should get our parlay ticket off to a winning start.

Cardinals over Rams

How well the Rams do this season is probably going to hinge on the legs of Todd Gurley and the strength of their front 7. They are in for a stern test in Week 4 when they head to Arizona to face a Cardinals teams that has a very good balance on both sides of the football. This is a defense that can shut down Gurley and wreak havoc on rookie QB Jared Goff, whilst also lighting it up on offense. This should be a win for the Cardinals.

Panthers over Falcons

My road team pick this week is perhaps one that might be considered a little safer than most. The Carolina Panthers, and Cam Newton in particular, are going to come into this season with a little bit of a chip on their shoulder after being outplayed in the Super Bowl last year. They should cruise to the NFC South title, and they should certainly be able to take care of a Falcons team that would be doing well to go .500 this season.

Steelers over Chiefs

This is a fantastic Sunday night match-up, and one that will see a great offense go against a stout defense. The Steelers are loaded on the offensive side of the ball, and could well be the team that wins it all this year. The Chiefs D is going to give them all they can handle, but I think it will be Pittsburgh who eke the win out here.

NFL Week 4 Parlay Picks

Bengals, Cardinals, Panthers….possibly Steelers.